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Kiama Day Trip From Sydney: The Ultimate Guide (Updated 2024)

Kiama Day Trip From Sydney: The Ultimate Guide (Updated 2024)

A Kiama day trip is one of the best day trip options from Sydney. Sure, if you have the time, you should spend a weekend or even longer in the gorgeous coastal town of Kiama on the South Coast of NSW. But, if you can only manage a day trip to Kiama – that’s okay! In this guide, we’re going to provide an awesome Kiama day trip itinerary. Of course, it’s hard to squeeze all of Kiama’s attractions into one day. So, we’ll detail all of the best things to do and places to visit in Kiama, so you can plan multiple day trips or plan a day trip itinerary to your liking.

About Kiama NSW

Kiama is a breathtaking coastal town in the South Coast region of NSW. The Kiama area is famous for its blowholes and is characterised by immaculate beaches with exceptional waves backed by rolling green hills.

For sure, Kiama is well known to Sydneysiders, so it’s a popular day trip for people from Sydney. After all, there are plenty of fun things to do and beautiful places to visit in Kiama. With its relative closeness, Kiama makes for a great location for a day trip or even part of a road trip from Sydney.

Colourful flowers surround the main road in a town called Kiama in NSW, which we saw during a Sydney to Kiama day road trip

The Ultimate Kiama Day Trip From Sydney

This Kiama day trip itinerary will take all of the time and stress out of planning your trip from Sydney. We’ll recommend what to do in Kiama, including iconic attractions as well as hidden gems in the area.

With this said, when people think of Kiama, one of the first things that generally comes to mind is the famous Kiama Blowhole. Sure, it’s a fantastic attraction that deserves to be visited. And, for that reason, it’s included in our Kiama day trip itinerary as well as other famous Kiama landmarks. But, our guide will unearth lesser-known attractions that are off the usual Kiama tourist trail. So, you’ll get to visit spectacular places in the Kiama area without the crowds.

And, of course, because Beck and I are outdoorsy people, our proposed day trip focuses more on natural attractions rather than cultural or historical places to visit.

A photo of a beach called Kiama Surf Beach that you should include on a road trip or day trip from Sydney
Kiama Surf Beach

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Kiama Day Trip Breakdown

This is a rundown of the things to do and places to visit on this awesome Kiama day trip from Sydney.

Morning – Kiama:

Midday – Gerringong:

Afternoon – Seven Mile Beach National Park

Kiama Day Trip From Sydney Map

For your convenience, we’ve dotted out the places to visit and things to do on this Kiama day trip from Sydney onto an interactive map.

Given the distance from the Sydney CBD to Kiama is around 120km, you can expect the drive to take between 1.5–2 hours. So, make sure to leave Sydney nice and early to guarantee you have enough time in the day to visit all of the epic places on this Kiama day trip.

A screenshot of an interactive map showing a day trip or road trip from Sydney to Kiama


After driving along the Grand Pacific Drive, you’ll roll into the town of Kiama ready to explore. The town itself is lined with fantastic cafes, restaurants, pubs, boutique stores and historical buildings. Feel free to wander the main streets of Kiama – a wonderfully historical coastal town in NSW.

Otherwise, Beck and I recommend heading to Blowhole Point early to avoid the midday crowds.

A sign in the town centre of Kiama in NSW, seen on a day trip from Sydney

Black Beach and Kiama Harbour

Before arriving at Blowhole Point, we recommend visiting Black Beach and Kiama Harbour. Black Beach is a small yet fascinating beach with black basalt sand and pebbles, which contrasts considerably from most of the other beaches in Kiama that have golden sand.

If you don’t drive directly to Blowhole Point, you can park in the town of Kiama, and then walk to Blowhole Point. That way, you can easily visit Black Beach, walk through Kiama Harbour Park and pass the serene Kiama Harbour. You’ll then arrive at Blowhole Point.

A black sand coloured beach called Black Beach is likely one the first places to visit in Kiama during a road trip from Sydney

Blowhole Point

At Blowhole Point, there are many points of interest. Other than the famous blowhole and lighthouse, Blowhole Point is home to Kiama’s Visitor Information Centre, Pilot’s Cottage Museum and a restaurant called Diggies Kiama. There is also a small holiday park called Kiama Harbour Cabins.

Kiama Lighthouse

Before you arrive at Kiama’s iconic blowhole, you’ll pass the historical Kiama Lighthouse. Built in 1887, the 16 metre high white lighthouse stands prominently near the famous Kiama Blowhole.

A white-coloured lighthouse called Kiama Lighthouse is one of the places to visit in Kiama during a day trip from Sydney

Kiama Blowhole

Undoubtedly, the Kiama Blowhole is seriously impressive. So what is it? Well, it’s a naturally eroded hole in the rock platform close to the coastline. When waves crash into the rock platform underneath, the pressure causes water to quickly rush through the hole. The outcome is an extravagant and sometimes spectacular spray of water shooting upwards through the hole.

Similar to any blowhole, you’ll have to be patient to see it in action. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the right wave to roll in to produce the magic. When we visited, there were little tiny bursts of spray every minute or so. But there was a larger more spectacular spray of water approximately every five minutes.

The brute power created by the ocean, producing an elegant display of water shooting through the air is a sight to behold on this Kiama day trip from Sydney. It certainly filled Beck and I with joy to watch this natural wonder in full force.

We’ve visited the blowhole on a couple of occasions during varying ocean conditions. According to locals, the best time to visit the Kiama Blowhole is during a decent southerly swell and southeast wind during high tide. But, of course, if there’s a large enough swell, then the tides matter less. Apparently, the southerly wind conditions help the water shoot even higher out of the blowhole.

FYI – there are two platforms at Kiama Blowhole. Most people watch the blowhole from the top tier. But, make sure you head down to the bottom level at some point. You’ll have spectacular views of the rocky cliffs and the ocean colliding against it which you won’t see from the top tier.

Blowhole Point Rock Pool

Don’t forget to check out the Blowhole Rock Pool after visiting the Kiama Blowhole. After all, the serene rock pool is only a short distance away. It’s part of the delightful coastline that makes up the Kiama harbour hub.

Often, the water in the ocean pool is crystal clear. If you visit on a day void of much sunlight, you may even see a sprightly shade of emerald green.

It would definitely be worth going for a swim on a warmer day. But, that’s if you have time on this action-packed Kiama day trip from Sydney! Certainly, you’ll have time to walk around the harbour and town for a couple of hours. Then, it’s onto Kiama Surf Beach!

A rock pool called Blowhole Point Rock Pool is one of the places to visit in Kiama during a day trip from Sydney

Kiama Surf Beach

It wouldn’t be a road trip or a day trip to Kiama in NSW without visiting one of its sublime beaches. Around the corner from Blowhole Point, you’ll find Kiama Surf Beach, which is Kiama’s main beach. Other than its ideal location near the main streets of Kiama, the golden sand beach is genuinely stunning, providing great opportunities for surfing, swimming and fishing.

Read more: Kiama Surf Beach Guide – Everything You Need to Know

An aerial shot of a beach called Kiama Surf Beach in NSW

Little Blowhole

After seeing Kiama’s main blowhole, it’s time to visit the lesser-known Little Blowhole. Now, the Little Blowhole isn’t quite as spectacular as the Kiama Blowhole. But, on its day, the Little Blowhole may even put on a better show than the Kiama Blowhole.

So, what are the optimal conditions to see the Little Blowhole in action? To see this blowhole in all its glory, it’s best to visit with a more northerly swell. Specifically, it’s best to see this blowhole with a northeast wind.

Of course, if you’re more of the happy-go-lucky type, it may be an idea to visit the Little Blowhole if the main Kiama Blowhole isn’t doing its thing. That’s because the ideal wind and swell conditions for the Little Blowhole are almost opposite to the Kiama Blowhole. On one previous occasion, this is what Beck and I experienced during the Kiama Coastal Walk. We walked by the main blowhole, which was subdued, only to find the Little Blowhole raging!

Beck and I watch water erupt from a blowhole called Little Blowhole, one of the best things to do in Kiama in NSW


After visiting places in and near the town of Kiama, it’s time to head a little further afield on this day trip from Sydney. In reality, the Municipality of Kiama is much more than just the town of Kiama.

The Kiama area also includes Minnamurra, Kiama Downs, Gerringong and Gerroa. All of these places are great in their own right and deserve a visit. In particular, Gerringong is a great place to visit and perhaps, one day, you’ll even do a Gerringong day trip. But, for now, we can simply include visiting the best places in Gerringong as part of the Kiama day trip.

Beck and Dan at Stoic Brewing in Gerringong
Stoic Brewing in Gerringong

Werri Beach and Point

Similar to Kiama, Gerringong is another historical town in NSW worth checking out. But, we’ll jump straight into the best attractions in the area. First, we recommend visiting the stunning Werri Beach. It’s another beautiful beach to feel the golden sand between your toes!

But, if you’re short on time, simply head up to the headland south of the beach (AKA Werri Point). That’s where you’ll enjoy the most exquisite views of the beach. The turquoise ocean and its whitewash create a contrast of colours with the golden sand and luscious green hills in the distance.

At this headland, you’ll also find the Gerringong Whale Watching Platform.

Read more: Werri Beach – Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting

Beck sits on a bench looking at a beach called Werri Beach, which is one of the best places to visit in the Kiama area from Sydney during a road trip

Gerringong Whale Watching Platform

The next stop on this Kiama day trip is the Gerringong Whale Watching Platform. During the migratory season (May to November), this is where you’ll want to go for whale watching in Gerringong.

Dan at a fenced platform called Gerringong Whale Watching Platform, which is one of the best places to visit in the Kiama area from Sydney during a day trip

Gerringong Boat Harbour Rock Pool

Near the Gerringong Whale Watching Platform, you’ll find the impressive Gerringong Boat Harbour Rock Pool. Around the corner from Cooke Park at Gerringong Harbour, you’ll find this hidden gem.

Kiama, as well as the whole South Coast of NSW, is full of brilliant ocean rock pools like this one. But the beauty of the Gerringong Boat Harbour Rock Pool is that it’s far less known than many of the other rock pools in Kiama. In summer, it’s a fantastic spot for a swim.

By the side of the serene rock pool, you’ll also find tessellated pavement. Beautiful patterns and ridges of the slippery rock platform will leave you awe-inspired.

Dan at rock pool called Gerringong Boat Harbour Rock Pool, which is one of the best places to visit in the Kiama area from Sydney during a day trip

Seven Mile Beach National Park

The last stop on your Kiama day trip from Sydney is the Seven Mile Beach National Park. True to its name, the beach is seven miles (12km) long stretching from Gerroa in the north to Shoalhaven Heads in the south. Specifically, the national park only occupies the mid-section of the beach. To reach the national park, you’ll drive along Beach Road and park at the serene Beach Road Picnic Area.

From the picnic area, you can easily access a remote part of the beach, which is a peaceful and relaxing thing to do. Otherwise, at the picnic area, you’ll find walking and cycling tracks called the Sand Tracks, with both north and south options. The walks not only explore the beautiful beach but also the surrounding coastal forest, which is actually littoral rainforest.

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A couple walks along a beach called Seven Mile Beach, which is one of the best places to visit in the Kiama area from Sydney during a road trip

So, that’s a wrap on this Kiama day trip from Sydney! Below, we’ll talk about a sunrise and sunset add-on option.

Optional Sunrise: Bombo Headland Quarry

If you’re keen on extra things to do in Kiama or you’re the adventurous type, then consider going to the Bombo Headland Quarry for sunrise. Indeed, it’s a fairly well-known spot for sunrise with locals. But, still, you shouldn’t expect too many people around at dawn.

The drone captures a birds eye view of a former quarry and geological site called the Bombo Headland Quarry.

The former quarry and geological site features many unique spots to capture the sunrise. Although we encountered an overcast morning when we visited, the sunrise was still beautiful to watch. But, it’s usually even more spectacular on a clear day!

Watching sunrise and waves crash into a former quarry called Bombo Headland Quarry is one of the best things to do in Kiama NSW.

Optional Sunset: Cathedral Rocks (Jones Beach)

A possible final stop of your Kiama day trip from Sydney is a sunset at Cathedral Rocks at Jones Beach. Sunset is a great time to visit Cathedral Rocks for amazing ambience and photography. Indeed, Cathedral Rocks is another hidden gem in the Kiama area of NSW. Even on an overcast day, we enjoyed unique purples and oranges parade the sky for around 10 minutes before sunset.

A coastal landform called Cathedral Rocks at a rocky headland on Jones Beach

Other than the amazing rocky landform called Cathedral Rocks, there is a nearby cave to explore as well. Framed by the cave, Cathedral Rocks look incredible. So, make sure to spend some time in the cave admiring the rocks as well as on the rock platform itself. Although, bear in mind that there may be hundreds of mosquitoes in the cave waiting for you! That’s what Beck and I experienced.

Of course, you should only attempt to explore Cathedral Rocks and the cave when ocean conditions are safe such as during low tide.

A coastal landform called Cathedral Rocks is silhouetted by a cave

Kiama NSW Day Trip Recap

Of course, it would be fantastic to have more than just a day trip exploring the highlights of Kiama in NSW. After all, there are plenty of amazing things to do and places to visit in Kiama. But, if one day is all the time you have, then this guide will be of great help to you. Hopefully, by following the guide, your trip will be enriched by getting off the tourist trail and exploring the lesser-known hidden gems.

Kiama Day Trip Packages and Tours

Can’t be bothered to plan your Kiama day trip from Sydney? Don’t worry, it’s possible to let someone else do the planning and driving by doing an organised full day tour. One of the most popular Kiama day trip tours is the Kiama Blowhole, Beaches and Bushwalks tour offered by Viator. Otherwise, you’ll find local companies in Kiama offering day trip tours, including private tours.

Book a Kiama Day Trip Tour

Kiama Harbour
  • Small group tour led by a local guide
  • Roundtrip transportation included
  • Bottled water and BBQ lunch provided

Other Things to Do in Kiama

There are just too many attractions in Kiama to squeeze into one day. For that reason, you may want to head to Kiama for several day trips or road trips from Sydney. Or, you may want to adjust your Kiama day trip itinerary to include other things to do or places to visit. Below, we’ll talk about the other best things to do in Kiama, followed by the other best places to visit in the area.

Kiama Coastal Walk

The Kiama Coastal Walk is one of the most underrated coastal walks in NSW. By doing this 21.5km walk, you’ll spend the day exploring all of the major coastal attractions in Kiama, including the famous sites at Blowhole Point. Indeed, this is a great Kiama day trip option for walking enthusiasts.

Read more: Kiama Coastal Walk – Everything You Need to Know

Dan and Beck on the Kiama Coastal Walk, one of the best things to do a day trip from Sydney, NSW

Kiama Heritage Walk

The Kiama Heritage Walk is much shorter compared with the Kiama Coastal Walk. The heritage walk takes place in the town of Kiama as well as on Blowhole Point. During the walk, you’ll visit historical places such as Kiama Lighthouse, the Pilot’s Cottage Museum, the Post Office, Terrace Houses, the Masonic Temple, and Old Fire Station as well as original banks, pubs and churches in the Kiama town centre.

For more details, pick up a heritage walk brochure from the Kiama Visitor Information Centre or download the Kiama Library Tours app.

An old terracotta-coloured post office in Kiama NSW

Find Kiama Street Art

Another great way to explore Kiama is by checking out the street art! Certainly, out of all of the coastal towns along the South Coast of NSW, Kiama has some of the best Australiana street art. Simply wander along the main streets of the town and even check out the buildings on Blowhole Point to find examples of this great street art.

A mural of a bird called a kookaburra

Whale Watching

Alongside other coastal towns in the South Coast Region of NSW, Kiama is a great place for whale watching. As mentioned, the Gerringong Whale Watching Platform is a great place to spot whales. But, there are a few other cherished spots for whale watching in Kiama. With this said, one of the other best whale watching platforms is the one at Minnamurra Head, which also overlooks Jones Beach.

If one of your main goals is to see a whale, make sure to time your Kiama day trip from Sydney during the migratory season (May to November).

Dan whale watching at a fenced lookout called Minnamurra Whale Watching Platform is one of the best things to do on a road trip from Sydney
Minnamurra Whale Watching Platform

Other Places to Visit in Kiama On a Day Trip

Now, we’ll look at other excellent places to visit on a day trip to Kiama from Sydney.

Kiama Beaches

Kiama is home to many breathtaking beaches. In fact, within the Municipality of Kiama, exactly 10 glorious beaches stretch from Minnamurra to Gerroa. We’ve included some of the beaches in the main Kiama day trip itinerary described earlier. But, for your convenience, we’ve listed all of the beaches in the Kiama area.

Beck and I have visited all of these beaches and have even written individual guides about some of them. Feel free to click on any of the links below to find out more details about that beach.

Read more: 10 Epic Kiama Beaches (With Parking, Surfing & Patrol Details)

A beach in Kiama NSW called Easts Beach
Easts Beach

Kiama Ocean Rock Pools

Other than having outstanding beaches, Kiama also has plenty of ocean rock pools. Again, we included some of the best rock pools in the main Kiama day trip itinerary. But, for completeness, we’ve listed all of the ocean rock pools in Kiama (from north to south) and at what beach or harbour you’ll find them.

  • Black Beach: Continental Rock Pool (AKA Olympic Pool)
  • Kiama Harbour: Blowhole Point Rock Pool
  • Werri Beach: Ourie Pool
  • Gerringong Harbour: Gerringong Boat Harbour Rock Pool
An ocean rock pool at Black Beach
Continental Rock Pool

Bonaira Native Gardens

Bonaira Native Gardens is certainly a lesser-known place to visit in the Kiama area. Located near Kendalls Beach, you’ll find a quiet and peaceful parkland featuring some lovely flowers and other native flora.

A garden and park called Bonaira Native Gardens is one of the lesser-known places to visit in Kiama for Sydney during a day or road trip

Kiama Seaside Markets

The Kiama Seaside Markets are the biggest markets of its kind on the South Coast of NSW. If you want to include the markets as part of your Kiama day trip from Sydney, you’ll have to time your visit with the third Sunday of each month. That’s right, the markets only run once a month.

Beck and I enjoyed walking through the markets, spotting many fascinating antique stalls as well as plenty of food stalls. We even had a bloke yell out, ”Oi, love birds, want a bacon and egg?” That was definitely an experience!

Dan walks through the Kiama Markets in NSW

Memorial Arch

Located at Hindmarsh Park in the town of Kiama, the Memorial Arch is another worthwhile monument to visit. This memorial is a traditional arch structure with brown marble dedication and name plaques related to WWI soldiers.

Where to Eat On Your Kiama Day Trip

There are many excellent cafes, restaurants, pubs and eateries in Kiama where you’ll find delicious food and drinks. Without exhaustively listing all of the options, there is one place in particular that Beck and I recommend – Diggies Kiama.

Beautifully located on Blowhole Point, Diggies is a restaurant that affords splendid views of the Kiama Harbour and serves up tasty food and dynamite coffee. For sure, while you’re exploring Blowhole Point, pop into Diggies for breaky or lunch or to simply order a takeaway coffee.

Beck at a cafe called Diggies
Diggies Kiama

Berry Donut Van

Of course, the Berry Donut Van isn’t located in Kiama – it’s located in the nearby historical town of Berry! So, why did we include it in this guide? Well, the Berry Donut Van is very much an institution. Their original cinnamon donuts are second to none!

For those short on time, who can only spend a day in Kiama and on the South Coast of NSW, you may want to factor in a stop at the famous Berry Donut Van! Certainly, it’s a must for any Sydney to Kiama road trip itinerary.

Places to Visit Near Kiama On a Day Trip

If you want to go even further afield and explore areas around Kiama, there are many other things to do and places to visit nearby. Best of all, these places are fairly close to Kiama, so if any of these places outside of Kiama pique your interest, you can easily add them to your day trip plan.


Of course, Berry is more than just its donut van! As part of the Shoalhaven Coast wine region, you’re bound to find fantastic vineyards, restaurants and markets. The town also has many heritage-listed buildings, making it a charming place to visit.

So, once you’ve ordered your donuts, we recommend exploring the town. Walk around Queen Street, Albert Street and Old Creamery Lane to get a feel of the charming town. Indeed, the town exuberates a historic feel, similar to other older regional towns throughout NSW. Perhaps, you’ll visit Berry on a separate trip as there’s much to see and enjoy.

Drawing Room Rocks

Located near Berry, you’ll find the impressive Drawing Room Rocks, which are a collection of incredibly shaped sandstone formations. By doing the Drawing Room Rocks Bushwalk in the Barren Grounds Nature Reserve, you can find this amazing natural attraction. From the vantage point near the rocks, you’ll also enjoy far-reaching views of the Illawarra escarpment, Kangaroo Valley and Didthul Mountain.

Read more: Drawing Room Rocks – This Is An Epic Sunrise Walk

Dan enjoys the views from a rock platform called the Drawing Room Rocks Lookout

Saddleback Mountain Lookout

Not far from Kiama, you’ll find the magnificent Saddleback Mountain Lookout. At the lookout, there are three short walks that all reach different viewing platforms. Other than enjoying superb views of the surrounding countryside and coastline, make sure to keep an eye out for kangaroos near the grasslands by the car park.

Dan at a lookout called Saddleback Mountain Lookout, is a place to visit near Kiama on a day trip or a road trip from Sydney

Killalea Regional Park​​​​

Located between Kiama and Shellharbour, Killalea Regional Park is a stunning coastal reserve featuring pristine beaches, a lagoon, a kiosk and a campground. Specifically, the park’s beaches (Killalea Beach and Minnamurra Beach) form part of a National Surfing Reserve, highlighting the magnificent surf breaks on offer.

Read more: Killalea Regional Park – The 8 Best Things to Do

A beach called Minnamurra Beach is surrounded by bushland on a partly cloudy day.
Minnamurra Beach

Jamberoo Action Park

The famous Jamberoo Action Park is a particularly excellent place to visit with kids, which isn’t too far from Kiama. Of course, with all of the fun rides, the kids may want to spend the whole day there!

How to Get to Kiama For a Day Trip

Like a lot of NSW, and Australia for that matter, it’s much easier to explore Kiama with a car. For sure, a 2WD will suffice for this trip. As you may have gathered, the main Kiama day trip itinerary we’ve described includes many stops in and around the area of Kiama. Visiting all of these places will be hard to co-ordinate with public transport, especially because public transport in Kiama has reduced services on the weekend.

Car Hire

If you don’t have your own car, you should hire one using Discover Cars. Personally, we use Discover Cars and highly recommend them for finding your ideal car hire at an affordable price. Booking online is super easy and the free cancellation policy is great.

To find out more about renting a car with Discover Cars, read our Discover Cars review and Discover Cars Insurance review.

Of course, it’s possible to do a Kiama day trip by train. If you do decide to use public transport to get from Sydney to Kiama, you can see the main sites in Kiama itself (the attractions in town, at Blowhole Point and you could visit Surf Beach). This would still be a nice Kiama day trip from Sydney.

The Sydney to Kiama train journey is via Wolli Creek and takes between 2–2.5 hours. We recommend using the Transport NSW website or the TripView App to help plan your journey. Once you arrive at Kiama Station, you are then only a 10–15 minute walk to the lovely harbour.

Where to Park in Kiama

In theory, access to Blowhole Point should be simple as there is plenty of parking at Blowhole Point and streetside parking along Shoalhaven Street near Kiama Harbour. But, during peak visitor times on the weekend and during school holidays and summer, these parking areas fill up quickly.

During peak visitor times, Kiama can get very busy. If it’s busy when you visit, we don’t recommend parking at Blowhole Point. That’s because there can be huge traffic queues of people trying to leave the harbour area during these times. In this case, we recommend parking just outside of the harbour and then walking to Blowhole Point from there.

In the past, when we visited during a busy time, we parked on Terralong Street outside of the Kiama Police Station. It falls just outside of the busy harbour area, so you’ll avoid a lot of traffic by parking there. It also means you’ll pass Black Beach, Kiama Harbour and other sites on the way to Blowhole Point. Additionally, by parking there during peak times, you’ll have a quicker escape when you’re ready to leave.

Kiama NSW Accommodation

Of course, you may not need accommodation if you’re only doing a Kiama day trip from Sydney. But, with so many things to do and places to visit in Kiama, you may end up spending the weekend there or longer! In Kiama, there are loads of great accommodation options. For your convenience, we’ve listed the most popular accommodation in Kiama below.

Nova Kiama

A pool and deck chairs at Nova Kiama
  • Extravagant four-star hotel
  • Conveniently located near Blowhole Point
  • Elegant outdoor swimming pool

Kiama Shores

Pool at Kiama Shores
  • Located in the heart of Kiama
  • Outdoor saltwater swimming pool
  • Accessibility for people with mobility impairments

The Sebel Kiama

Bedroom at The Sebel Kiama
  • A luxury 4.5 star resort
  • Great harbourside location at Blowhole Point
  • Spacious and air-conditioned rooms

Bellevue Accommodation

Bellevue Accommodation at night
  • Conveniently located in Kiama town
  • Self-contained apartments with kitchens
  • Recently refurbished with captivating decor

Terralong Terrace Apartments

Pool and deck chairs at Terralong Terrace Apartments
  • Located in the heart of Kiama
  • Stylish air-conditioned apartments
  • Outdoor heated swimming pool and spa bath

Alternatively, if you want to maximise your time at a beach in Kiama, you may want to consider staying at beachfront accommodation. The best seaside accommodation in Kiama are located at holiday parks dotted along several beaches along the Kiama Coast. Indeed, most of these holiday parks provide incredible uninterrupted views of the beach. Again, for your convenience, we’ve listed all of the beachfront holiday parks in Kiama below.

Kiama Beach Holiday Parks

A sheltered pool

Enjoy unparalleled views of the ocean from your beachside accommodation at any one of these holiday parks in Kiama.

FYI – you’ll find the best budget accommodation in Kiama at these holiday parks.

Kiama NSW Accommodation Guides

For more information about accommodation in Kiama, feel free to read our other Kiama accommodation guides.

Travel Essentials For Your Kiama Day Trip

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Kiama Day Trip FAQs

Below, we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions about Kiama in NSW, which includes questions about doing a day trip or road trip to this splendid town, from Sydney.

Why Is Kiama Famous?

It’s famous for its blowholes, beaches and historical town centre.

Can You Catch a Train From Sydney to Kiama?

Yes, read the How to Get to Kiama section for more information.

Where to Stop Between Sydney and Kiama?

Are you looking to break up your road trip from Sydney to Kiama? There are loads of places to stop during your drive to Kiama in Illawarra and Wollongong. Below, we’ve listed some of the best lookouts and places to visit to help break up the journey.

A winding bridge called Sea Cliff Bridge
Sea Cliff Bridge

Is Kiama Worth Visiting For a Day Trip?

Yes, as you can see, Kiama is a gorgeous coastal town, where there are plenty of great things to do and places to visit.

Bonus Tips For Your Kiama Day Trip

  • Do not visit the Berry Donut Van from 11am–2pm at peak times: if it’s a weekend or summer school holidays, there will be long queues. You may have to wait up to an hour for your order! That’s what we experienced when visiting on a long weekend a few years ago. For optimal planning during peak times, we recommend getting to the Berry Donut Van first thing to avoid the long queues which can start mid to late morning. The Berry Donut Van usually opens 8:30am daily.
  • Visit the Little Blowhole: many people only visit the main Kiama Blowhole. As previously mentioned, the Little Blowhole is sometimes more likely to put on a show as the Kiama Blowhole is more sensitive to the right ocean conditions.
  • Be prepared: the order of this Kiama day trip itinerary may change depending on tides and swell/wind conditions. You can check out tides and swells on WillyWeather.

Other South Coast Region Guides

The majestic South Coast of NSW is more than just Kiama! Certainly, there are plenty of brilliant towns and places to visit along the South Coast of NSW beyond Kiama. Read our other guides to help you plan your other trips.

A waterfall called Gerringong Falls
Gerringong Falls, Southern Highlands

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We acknowledge and respect the First Nations people as the Traditional Custodians of the land/water that we visited and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

Daniel Piggott

Dan is a travel blogger, physiotherapist, hiker, natural wonder seeker and world traveller. He loves writing travel guides to help his readers explore the most beautiful destinations in the world.

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  1. Neerav says:

    Thanks for all the tips. I’ll try to drive down from Sydney on a Friday to check out your recommendations and hopefully compete with fewer people for parking and views