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12 Best Beaches In Jervis Bay That Will Blow You Away

12 Best Beaches In Jervis Bay That Will Blow You Away

If you’re considering heading to Jervis Bay, you’ll no doubt be looking for a stunning white sand beach to relax on. Luckily, Jervis Bay isn’t short of options. Far from it. Indeed, if there’s one thing Jervis Bay knows how to do, it’s jaw-dropping beaches that will blow you away, with this small area being home to some of the best beaches you’ll find anywhere in New South Wales if not all of Australia.

Each white sand beach is enveloped by pretty coastal bushland and lapped by the intense hues of sparkling turquoise water. Truly, coastal paradise is found in Jervis Bay by visiting any one of the 12 best beaches we’ve short-listed in the article.

About Jervis Bay Beaches

Jervis Bay is a paradise of spectacular beaches on the South Coast of NSW. Pristine and powder-soft sand can be found at all of the best beaches in Jervis Bay, and not just reserved for the most famous of them all – Hyams Beach. In addition, the sparkling turquoise hues of the waters of Jervis Bay will leave you quite mesmerised. Even by Australian standards, the beaches in Jervis Bay are quite remarkable.

Most of the beaches in Jervis Bay we’ve listed below lie along the western curve of the C-shaped bay. The below list comprises beaches around the towns of Huskisson and Vincentia, as well as a handful from within Booderee National Park, which sits on the southern peninsula of Jervis Bay. For sure, I think some of our all-time favourite beaches in Jervis Bay lie in Booderee National Park. But, we’ll let you make your own mind up.

Best Jervis Bay Boat Tour

Jervis Bay
  • 1.5 hour dolphin cruise
  • On board commentary
  • Plantation Point and Callala

12 Best Beaches in Jervis Bay

The 12 beaches in Jervis Bay listed below are absolutely stunning and easily some of the best beaches you can visit in NSW. Involving plenty of beach hopping, swimming, and coastal walks, they offer a little something different for everyone. But, you can guarantee one thing at each location – white sand and stunning turquoise water. In short, these Jervis Bay beaches are sure to blow you away.

So, let’s kick things off with arguably the most famous beach in Jervis Bay – Hyams Beach.

FYI – we’ve written more detailed guides for some of the 12 best beaches in Jervis Bay. So, feel free to click on the links underneath each one to access more in-depth information about that particular Jervis Bay beach.

1. Hyams Beach

  • Picnic area
  • BBQs
  • Recreational ground
  • Playground
  • Toilets
  • Beach showers
  • Coastal walks
  • Swimming and snorkelling
  • Parking: Seamans Beach Car Park, lay-by/street parking along Cyrus Street

Famous for having the ‘whitest sand in the world’, Hyams Beach is possibly the most visited of all the beaches in Jervis Bay. Of course, despite Hyams Beach having super white sand, the idea of it being ‘the whitest‘ is a myth and an all-out marketing ploy. Still, it worked, and Hyams Beach is now super popular.

Certainly, Hyams Beach is drool-worthy and is definitely worth visiting. The long stretch of powdery sand is one of the longest beaches in Jervis Bay. So, providing you’re up for a little stroll, it’s not too hard to find a quiet patch of paradise here.

Indeed, swimming, snorkelling and wildlife watching are all popular activities at Hyams. The bush-backed beach perfectly separates you from civilisation. Additionally, the turquoise water is completely mesmerising and easily entices you to take a dip from the moment you set foot on the beach.

Woman in black swimsuit walks along the white sands of Hyams Beach
Drone shot of one of the best beaches in Jervis Bay, Hyams Beach

2. Chinamans Beach

  • Toilets (Hyams Beach Playground)
  • Coastal walks
  • Swimming and snorkelling
  • Parking: Aster Street, northern end of Cyrus Street, or walk from Greenfield Beach

Just north of Hyams Beach is arguably the best beach in Jervis Bay – Chinamans Beach. It’s just as splendid as Hyams Beach but, without the same infamy, remains quieter.

Chinamans Beach is much smaller than Hyams. But, what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in stature. More powdery white sand is lapped by pristine turquoise water. It’s an absolute paradise and a Jervis Bay beach we recommend spending more time at.

The well-known White Sands Walk passes through Chinamans Beach. Also, there are some lovely street-side views from the top end of Cyrus Street, looking down on this beautiful coastline. There’s not much in the way of amenities at Chinamans, but that helps keep it somewhat quieter than other Jervis Bay beaches. Indeed, if it’s the relaxed and tranquil you’re after, this is by far one of the best Jervis Bay beaches you can choose.

Man paddles in the sea at Chinamans Beach
walking along the best beaches in Jervis Bay

3. Greenfield Beach

  • Picnic area
  • BBQs
  • Recreational ground
  • Toilets
  • Accessible toilet
  • Beach showers
  • Accessible access to the beach
  • Coastal walks
  • Swimming and snorkelling
  • Parking: roadside bay parking along Elizabeth Drive and Sutton Street

Another quiet patch of tranquillity in Jervis Bay can be found at Greenfield Beach, which Dan and I think is a real unsung hero. Greenfield Beach is a small and sheltered beach in Jervis Bay. Certainly, walking along the beach feels remote and rugged as you enjoy the towering coastal forests on one side and the crystal-clear waters of Jervis Bay on the other.

Greenfield Beach is great for swimming and snorkelling. Additionally, this is one of the best beaches in Jervis Bay to enjoy the sunrise. The sheltered picnic area provides a rest bite from the beach, with BBQs, showers and public toilets.

The official White Sands Walk and Scribbly Gum Walk begin from Greenfield Beach. Although, we think the longer walk beginning from Plantation Point is much better.

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Beck walks along Greenfield Beach in Jervis Bay, Shoalhaven
Greenfield Beach in Jervis Bay

4. Blenheim Beach

  • Picnic area
  • BBQs
  • Recreational ground
  • Playground
  • Toilets
  • Beach showers
  • Coastal walks
  • Swimming and snorkelling
  • Parking: Blenheim Beach Reserve, or Captain Street at the southern end of the beach

North of Greenfield Beach is the equally picturesque Blenheim Beach. Towering bluffs, densely covered in coastal bush, surround this Jervis Bay beach, with sloping bush trails guiding you to the white sand. Dreamy turquoise waves crash on the shore, inviting even the most land-loving of us into the shallow waters of Jervis Bay.

Blenheim Beach falls within the Jervis Bay National Park, with its pristine waters forming part of the Hyams Beach Sanctuary Zone. So, much of the sea within Jervis Bay is protected, meaning you’ll get to experience thriving marine life if you head out for a snorkel, which you should definitely consider. In fact, Blenheim Beach is one of the best beaches in Jervis Bay for snorkelling. If you’re lucky,  you might spot starfish, octopus, crabs, and even dolphins and occasionally Port Jackson Sharks.

Additionally, the picnic area and reserve are fantastic, providing all the amenities you could need for a quiet day at the beach in Jervis Bay.

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Dan walks along Blenheim Beach in Jervis Bay
View looking down on Blenheim Beach in Jervis Bay

5. Nelsons Beach

  • Picnic area
  • BBQs
  • Recreational ground
  • Playground
  • Toilets
  • Beach showers
  • Swimming and snorkelling
  • Dog-friendly
  • Parking: Plantation Point Parade

The fabulous Nelsons Beach features the most extraordinary orange cliff walls and is tufted with coastal bush. Indeed, strolling down Nelsons Beach is a vision of tranquillity and utter paradise. The array of colours, from azure blue water and white sand to vibrant rusty cliff walls and lush green forest is an absolute feast for the senses.

Less popular than the previously mentioned Jervis Bay beaches, Nelsons Beach has its own secret weapon. It’s dog-friendly! Well, at certain times of the day anyway, it’s possible to walk your pooch down this sublime Jervis Bay beach.

Located a stone’s throw from the amenities in Vincentia, Nelsons Beach is family-friendly and popular with locals. Access to the beach is via a steep set of steps, so not the most accessible. However, you’ll find public toilets and picnic facilities at Plantation Point to the north of the beach. Additionally, you can begin the famous White Sands Walk from here too.

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Beck walks down one of the best beaches in Jervis Bay, Nelson Beach
Nelsons Beach one of Jervis Bay best beaches

6. Huskisson Beach

  • Picnic area
  • BBQs
  • Recreational ground
  • Playground
  • Toilets
  • Beach showers
  • Coastal pathway (to Huskisson)
  • Swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking
  • Multiple beach access
  • Towel hooks and benches on the beach
  • Dog-friendly
  • Parking: Moona Moona Creek Reserve, Beach Street

Huskisson Beach is a popular long stretch of powder-white sand in the town of Huskisson, Jervis Bay. To the north, Tapalla Point marks the start of the beach. Here, you’ll find beautiful rock platforms perfect for spotting some interesting marine life.

To the south of Huskisson Beach is Moona Moona Creek. Here, you’ll find more rock platforms and the small Moona Moona Beach as the mouth of the estuary flows out into Jervis Bay. And in fairness, Moona Moona Beach deserves special recognition as another excellent beach in Jervis Bay.

Despite its proximity to Huskisson town, the beach manages to remain somewhat secluded. Backed by coastal bushland and towering forest trees, Huskisson Beach retains a remote feel. Hidden within the tree cover is a small reserve featuring picnic tables, BBQs and public toilets.

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White sands and turquoise water at Huskisson Beach
Aerial shot of Huskisson beach

7. Iluka Beach

Heading south of Jervis Bay you’ll enter into Booderee National Park. The first port of call here should be Iluka Beach. This glorious stretch of white sand and calm turquoise waters is one of the best beaches in Jervis Bay for swimming, given the gentle waves and naturally sheltered location.

The small reserve backing the beach is wonderfully secluded and quiet. Picnicking at the sound of waves gently crashing on the other side of the tree cover is certainly calming.

We also hear Iluka is one of the best locations in Booderee National Park to see the famous Jervis Bay bioluminescence. Fingers crossed you get lucky.

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Man walks onto Iluka Beach in Booderee National Park
Man paddles at Iluka Beach in Booderee National Park

8. Green Patch Beach

Certainly, Green Patch Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Booderee National Park and up there as one of the best beaches in Jervis Bay. Green Patch is another of Jervis Bay’s great swimming beaches. In addition to swimming, snorkelling is excellent too. To the right of the beach is a patch of rock platforms where it’s possible to see octopus and squid.

If tearing yourself away from this epic beach is too much, then you actually don’t need to leave at all. That’s because Green Patch has one of the best campsites in Jervis Bay. Managed by Booderee National Park, you’ll be sleeping a stone’s throw from this beautiful beach in a sublimely picturesque location.

Additionally, there are a couple of nice loop walks you can do from Green Patch Beach. Find out more below.

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Walking along Green Patch Beach in Booderee National Park
Woman stands at Green Patch Beach, one of the best beaches in Jervis Bay

9. Murrays Beach

  • Toilets
  • Beach showers
  • Swimming and snorkelling
  • Beach cave
  • Coastal walks
  • Boat ramp
  • Parking: Murrays Beach Car Park

Murrays Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in Jervis Bay. In fact, for Dan and I, it’s one of our favourites in Booderee National Park. A short coastal boardwalk brings you out onto the most glorious stretch of brilliant white sand and intense turquoise water. Trees gently lop onto the beach and the whole location is backed by thick coastal bush. In short, this place is paradise.

Whether you choose to set up for the day on the beach, stroll down the sand looking for the Murrays Beach Cave or take the coastal walk to reach Governor Head Lookout, you’re sure to love this part of Jervis Bay as much as we do.

And, if you have a boat, head straight for the Murrays Beach boat ramp and set sail for the day.

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Man and woman walk along Murrays Beach in Booderee National Park
looking out of Murrays Beach Cave

10. Cave Beach

  • Picnic area
  • Toilets
  • Beach showers
  • Surfing
  • Lookout deck
  • Beach cave
  • Coastal walks
  • Camping
  • Parking: Cave Beach Car Park

If you want a change-up from the tame and tranquil waters of Jervis Bay, then head to the south coast of Booderee National Park, where you’ll discover Cave Beach. Here, you’ll find the beaches are exposed, rugged and altogether more wild. But my word they’re breathtaking.

Although Cave Beach is not a swimming beach, it’s an excellent surf beach. So, expect to see the ocean here marked with little black dots as avid surfers venture out for a thrill. But, if you’re not a surfer, there’s still plenty to enjoy. There are exceptional caves to explore at the western end of the beach. One main cave is deep and from within, perfectly frames Cave Beach and beyond.

Also, there’s a picturesque lookout to enjoy before you walk down to the beach. Additionally, keep a close eye out for kangaroos, as they seem to particularly enjoy the Cave Beach location.

Similarly to Green Patch Beach, there’s the Cave Beach Campground. The walk-in campsite is a tranquil place to stay, with campers returning here year after year.

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Man walks along Cave Beach Jervis Bay
Inside Cave Beach Jervis Bay

11. Steamers Beach

The golden sand of Steamers Beach curves gently along the coastline of southern Booderee National Park. It’s another paddling-only beach, where swimming isn’t recommended. Steamers Beach also requires a pleasant 2km walk to reach. But as we know, all the best things usually require some effort.

Large headlands flank both sides of the beach, and the coastal bushland rising sharply behind Steamers Beach makes the whole place feel very secret and secluded. The walk from the car park to Steamers Beach passes through the pristine and untouched beauty of Booderee National Park. The final stretch down to the beach requires walking down a steep section of trail, but the views as you go are quite something.

Keep an eye out for whales and dolphins. And, be sure to add on the short walk to Brooks Lookout for more exceptional coastal views.

12. Honeymoon Bay

  • Picnic area
  • BBQs
  • Toilets
  • Beach showers
  • Swimming and snorkelling
  • Coastal walks
  • Camping
  • Parking: Honeymoon Bay Car Park

Honeymoon Bay is a small and picturesque wine glass-shaped beach in the Beecroft Peninsula of Jervis Bay. A short walk through coastal bush brings you out onto the compact sweeping curve of golden sand. Backed by coastal forest and a perfectly well-hidden campsite, Honeymoon Bay is truly splendid.

Positioned along the eastern side of Jervis Bay, the sheltered cove enjoys calm and clear waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Additionally, you can enjoy coastal walks from the beach stretching down to the southern tip of the Beecroft Peninsula.

Honeymoon Bay falls within the Royal Australian Navy territory of the Beecroft Weapons Range, so visiting takes a little planning to ensure the beach is open. You can find out how to visit, alongside other attractions like Point Perpendicular Lighthouse, in our guide below.

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Dan walks down to Honeymoon Bay, Jervis Bay, NSW
Couple hold hands on Honeymoon Bay, one of the best beaches in Jervis Bay

Best Jervis Bay Beaches Recap

So, there you have our list of the 12 best beaches in Jervis Bay. You’ll struggle to pick a favourite, but you’ll definitely find one or two that tick your beach requirement boxes and will completely blow you away.

Certainly, the quietest beaches can be found in Booderee National Park. But, Boderee National Park requires a pass to enter.

Booderee National Park Pass

The two-day pass costs $13AUD and can be purchased online before you arrive, at the entrance ticket gates or by using the QR codes dotted around the national park once you’ve arrived.

If you opt to purchase when you arrive using QR codes, be warned, that the phone signal is quite weak, so it’s recommended you try and connect to the Visitor Centre WiFi to complete your purchase. Dan and I used the QR codes to buy the Parks Pass and it worked well, albeit the dicey reception meant processing payment went slowly.

If you are entering Booderee National Park on foot or by bicycle, then it is free to enter. Additionally, if you are camping in the national park, the entry fee is included in your camping fee, so you don’t need to pay to enter.

You can find out more information and how to book your ticket on the Parks Australia website.

Where Is Jervis Bay?

Jervis Bay lies 200km south of Sydney along the South Coast of NSW, Australia. The enclosed C-shape of Jervis Bay, forming an almost complete circle, is littered with pristine beaches, some of the best in Australia.

Feel free to click on the interactive map below to view our list of the best beaches in Jervis Bay, to help plan your trip.

Best Beaches in Jervis Bay map

How to Get to the Jervis Bay Beaches

The easiest way to visit all of the best beaches in Jervis Bay mentioned in this guide is with your own set of wheels. That way, you have the freedom to beach-hop and tick off as many of these Jervis Bay beaches as you like.

From Sydney, it’s a very straightforward drive that takes just 2–3 hours. You’ll follow the M1 south down to Bomaderry, before picking up the A1 Jervis Bay Road. Follow this towards Huskisson, Vincentia and Booderee National Park.

Car Hire

If you don’t have your own car, you should hire one using Discover Cars. Personally, we use Discover Cars and highly recommend them for finding your ideal car hire at an affordable price. Booking online is super easy and the free cancellation policy is great.

To find out more about renting a car with Discover Cars, read our Discover Cars review and Discover Cars Insurance review.

If you want to break up the journey and make a longer trip itinerary out of heading down to Jervis Bay, then we recommend stopping at Killalea Regional Park, Kiama and Huskisson.

Read more: How To Get From Sydney To Jervis Bay

Public Transport

If you don’t have your own vehicle and don’t want to hire one, then it’s possible to take public transport to Jervis Bay from Sydney. However, beach hopping and heading to the stunning beaches in Booderee National Park will be much more difficult. Also, with a total journey time of just over five hours and three changes to get from Sydney to Jervis Bay, it’s not a quick trip. Still, if you’re planning to make a weekend trip or holiday out of Jervis Bay, then it’s certainly doable.

You’ll first take the train from Sydney to Kiama. At Kiama, you’ll take the bus to Bomaderry. Then, from Bomaderry, take the #103 bus to Hyams Beach or #102 bus to Huskisson. These two places make the most sense to head to. Then, from either of these locations, you can walk between the Jervis Bay beaches, except those that fall within Booderee National Park. For those beaches, it’s ideal to hire a bike.

You can check public transport options at TransportNSW.

Picture of the best beaches in Jervis Bay

Where to Stay For the Best Beaches in Jervis Bay

There’s a wealth of accommodation options in Jervis Bay, close to all of the best beaches listed in this guide which have fantastic beachfront locations. Check out some of our Jervis Bay accommodation guides to help with your search.

Alternatively, below are our top three accommodation options in Jervis Bay.

Top 3 Jervis Bay Accommodation


Below, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about visiting beaches in Jervis Bay.

What Is the Quietest Beach in Jervis Bay?

For quiet beaches in Jervis Bay, some of the best are located in Booderee National Park. So, head to Cave Beach and Iluka Beach. But, for the best quiet beaches closer to Jervis Bay towns like Huskisson and Vincentia, then consider Greenfields Beach and Blenheim Beach.

Is Hyams Beach Worth it?

This is a matter of opinion, given the hype Hyams Beach receives. But, yes, we think Hyams Beach is certainly worth a visit, and is a wonderful beach in Jervis Bay. Having said that, we don’t think it’s any better than the other beaches around Jervis Bay, so it shouldn’t be the only beach you visit on your trip.

Where Is the Whitest Sand in Jervis Bay?

Despite what you read, Hyams Beach is not the whitest sand beach in Jervis Bay or Australia for that matter. Even within Jervis Bay, it may not be the whitest either! That’s because all the best beaches in Jervis Bay are as white as each other. So, if you’re looking for the whitest sand beach in Jervis Bay, then head to any of the beaches there.

How Many Beaches In Jervis Bay?

There are 16 white sand beaches around Jervis Bay.

Can You Swim in Jervis Bay?

Yes. Swimming and snorkelling are certainly some of the best reasons to visit any of the beaches in Jervis Bay.

Woman in black swimsuit swimming at Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay

Other Things to Do at Jervis Bay

Believe it or not, visiting the best beaches in Jervis Bay isn’t the only thing to do on a trip down the South Coast of NSW. Below, we’ve listed some of the other best things to do in and around Jervis Bay.

  • White Sands Walk: beginning or ending at Hyams Beach, take the coastal White Sands Walk through Scribbley Gum forest, passing many a splendid beach.
  • Visit Huskisson: Jervis Bay’s main hub has plenty to keep you occupied. From great coffee and bakeries to the marine park, dolphin cruises and a museum. Also, you can finish the day off at the brewery or with a drink at The Husky.
  • Granite Falls: a little-known waterfall lies a short distance from Jervis Bay. It’s the perfect wet weather activity.
  • Tianjara Falls: enjoy a short walk to a great lookout of this seriously impressive waterfall. Certainly, don’t miss this on your trip to Jervis Bay.
  • Booderee National Park: discover Scottish Rocks, Hole in the Wall and the beautiful botanical gardens on your trip to Booderee.
  • Gosangs Tunnel: head to the incredible Gosangs Tunnel and Mermaid Inlet on the Beecroft Peninsula.
Man walks by the Scottish Rocks in Booderee National Park
Scottish Rocks

Jervis Bay Beaches Bonus Tips

  • More white sand beaches in Australia: be sure to visit Squeaky Beach in Wilsons Prom, Victoria, which also has incredibly white sand.
  • Shoalhaven dog-friendly beaches: alongside Nelson Beach and Huskisson Beach, you can also take your pooch to Callala Beach in Jervis Bay.
  • When to visit: for quieter beach hopping, visit during the week and certainly avoid school or public holidays.
  • Unpatrolled beaches: most of the beaches in Jervis Bay are unpatrolled, so children should be supervised and less experienced swimmers should enter the water with caution.

What’s your favourite beach in Jervis Bay? Let us know in the comments below.

We acknowledge and respect the First Nations people as the Traditional Custodians of the land/water that we visited and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

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With an art and design based background, Beck uses photography and writing to help inspire readers to climb mountains, hike coastal trails and chase waterfalls around the globe.

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