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The Farm (Killalea Beach) – The Complete Visitor’s Guide

The Farm (Killalea Beach) – The Complete Visitor’s Guide

The Farm, officially known as Killalea Beach, is an immaculate surf beach, deeply cherished by locals and surfers alike. Not being locals or even surfers, Beck and I were intrigued to visit The Farm, to see if it’s a place that lives up to the local’s hype and whether it’s worth visiting without a surfboard in hand.

In short, The Farm is a place of outstanding natural beauty and we can understand why the beach is whole-heartedly revered by the local community. And, even without surfing, we guarantee that it’s worth the visit.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about visiting The Farm, including details about things to do other than surfing.

The Farm (Killalea Beach) – Overview

Located in the Killalea Regional Park (AKA Killalea Reserve), not far from Sydney or Wollongong, you’ll find the 600 metre long Killalea Beach. Although, the locals call Killalea Beach, ‘The Farm’. Even at the state park itself, you’ll see official signage referring to Killalea Beach as ‘The Farm Beach’. To keep things simple, in this guide, we’ll do as the locals do and refer to Killalea Beach as The Farm (find out in our FAQs, why it’s called The Farm!)

Backed by barrier dunes and Killalea Lagoon, The Farm is part of a diverse ecosystem, which formed well over 240 million years ago. This was at a time when lava flows erupted toward the coast. Over time, erosion led to the creation of two beautiful beaches in the area – The Farm and Mystics (AKA Minnamurra Beach). These are the two beaches found in the Killalea Regional Park, that are both worth exploring.

So, what’s the big deal about The Farm and why has this beach appeared numerous times in the news over the last 15–20 years? Well, we’re glad you asked, there’s an interesting history you ought to know about.

Killalea Beach signage
The Farm, Killalea State Park

The Farm Killalea History

Long story short, there have been two significant recent attempts, in 2007 and 2019, by private developers, to build on the land surrounding The Farm. Both times, the local community fought back and amazingly, both times, they won!

Following the first attempt, the Killalea State Park was declared a National Surfing Reserve in 2009. This protection starved off the first lot of developers.

Following the second attempt, the Killalea State Park, in 2022, entered the management of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) as a Regional Park (AKA the Killalea Regional Park), under the NPWS Act. During this second saviour of The Farm, there was even a world record paddle out in 2021, which saw nearly 700 surfers hit the waters in a show of solidarity to ward off encroaching development.

Not only is The Farm well-known for its magnificent surf and unspoilt natural beauty but the land holds special significance for the Dharawal people of the Yuin Nation, who are the Traditional Custodians of Killalea. So, all in all, protecting The Farm and Killalea from private development, was a huge win for Aboriginal culture, the locals, surfers and visitors.

So, that’s a very brief history! You’ll find much more detailed and personal accounts of these events from locals online. But, hopefully, we’ve summed it up, so you know a little bit about the place’s history before you visit!

So, exactly where is The Farm located in the Killalea Regional Park?

An aerial shot of the coastline showing a small beach, called the Farm, at Killalea State Park, in the distance.

The Farm Killalea Location

The Farm is located in the northern half of the Killalea Regional Park. The beach is positioned between Shellharbour and Kiama on the South Coast of New South Wales.

A screenshot of a map showing the location of The Farm, which is officially known as Killalea Beach.

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The Farm: Highlights and Activities

There are loads of great things to do at The Farm – even for the non-surfer! Below, we’ll list some of the best things to do during a visit to the beach.

Views of a beach, known as The Farm, surrounded by coastal bushland

The Farm Beach Lookout

One of the first things to do when you arrive at the Killalea Regional Park is to enjoy views of The Farm. Near The Farm Kiosk, you’ll find an open grassy area with a wooden viewing platform. From this viewpoint, you’ll enjoy far-reaching views across The Farm. This is a great place to watch the surfers in action or even whale watch during the migratory season (May to November).

A lookout overlooking a beach called The Farm, which is officially known as Killalea Beach.

The Farm Kiosk

Before heading down to the beach, you might want to stop at The Farm Kiosk for a drink or bite to eat. The Farm Kiosk, run by the local Aboriginal community, is a fantastic little cafe.

Overlooking The Farm, the cafe enjoys a stellar natural setting. But, it’s more than just the pretty scenery and outdoor seating. The cafe serves up tasty coffee and delicious pastries, cakes and sandwiches. So, grab yourself a flat white and a croissant, and head out to one of the picnic tables to enjoy the views.

FYI – The Farm Kiosk opening hours are usually 8am to 2pm mid-week and 7am to 2pm on the weekend.

Surfing, Swimming and Fishing at The Farm Beach

Once you’ve enjoyed the views and visited the cafe, it’s finally time to head to the beach! Of course, The Farm is famous for its surfing. So, if you’re a surfer, that’s probably the first thing you’ll be doing at The Farm!

As mentioned, Beck and I aren’t surfers. Yes, we’ve had a go in the past, but never really stuck at it. Personally, we didn’t surf at the beach, so we can’t really provide a rundown about the surf. Thankfully, there are many surf reports that you can read online to suss out the surf conditions at The Farm.

Anyway, our goal is to shed some light on some of the other fun things you can do at The Farm other than surfing. Of course, swimming is an option. But, the beach isn’t patrolled. So, it’s not a beach for kids or inexperienced swimmers.

Otherwise, fishing at The Farm is one of the most popular things to do at Killalea Regional Park, especially in summer. The western end of the beach has sloping rocks, which are good for a spot of rock fishing. Of course, check the tides and swell to ensure conditions are safe to fish.

Other than surfing, swimming and fishing, what else is there to do at The Farm? Well, whatever you like! Simply meander along the shore, take in some rays or maybe you’ve brought the beach cricket kit. Either way, the beach is yours to enjoy in whatever shape or form that takes!

Of course, there’s more to the Killalea Regional Park than just The Farm!

Explore Killalea Regional Park

Certainly, once you’ve explored The Farm, we recommend seeing more of the Killalea Regional Park. You could start by walking to the other epic beach in the area called Mystics.

A drone shot of a beach and a river
Mystics and Minnamurra River

Walk to Mystics (Minnamurra Beach)

At the other end of Killalea Regional Park, you’ll find another breathtaking beach known by the locals as Mystics but officially known as Minnamurra Beach. From The Farm, you can join a walking trail that connects to Mystics. Along the way, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the coast.

After an approximate 2km walk, you’ll reach Mystics. It’s another surf beach that’s equally impressive in terms of natural beauty. At the very least, you’ll have to take a stroll across this inviting beach.

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Stay at the Killalea Campground

Staying at Killalea Campground is a great way to maximise your time at The Farm. By indulging in some Killalea camping, you can spend all day at The Farm with the campsite just a stone’s throw away. For sure, the Killalea Regional Park camping area has some of the best camping sites near Wollongong.

To make a booking, either head to the NSW National Parks website or give them a call.

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Camp kitchen

Nearby Beaches to Visit

Other than The Farm at Killalea, there are loads of great beaches along the South Coast of New South Wales. Beck and I have visited many beaches not far from the Killalea Regional Park, in Kiama, Gerringong and Gerroa, which are certainly worth visiting. So, if you’re keen to beach hop along the South Coast, at beaches not too far from Sydney, here are some other fantastic stretches of sand to explore.

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Kiama Surf Beach

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Getting to The Farm at Killalea Regional Park

There is no public transport accessing Killalea Regional Park. With this said, the only way to get to The Farm is to drive there. If you don’t have a car, we recommend hiring one for your trip to the South Coast of New South Wales.

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There are excellent facilities at The Farm, including a cafe, picnic tables, toilets and a car park. Not far from the beach, you’ll find the Killalea Campground, which has plenty in the way of facilities and amenities.

FYI – there is no Killalea State Park entry fee.

A picnic table on a grassy area


Unfortunately, Killalea Regional Park doesn’t feature wheelchair-friendly infrastructure. At the Killalea Campground, the disability access level is rated ‘hard’.

The Farm (Killalea Beach) FAQs

Below, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about The Farm (Killalea Beach).

Dan walks on a boardwalk towards a beach called The Farm, which is officially called Killalea Beach

Why Is Killalea Beach Called The Farm?

A private farm used to operate on the beach’s headland. In the early 1960s, people discovered the beach had amazing surf. And, the only way to get to the beach was via the working farm. Not long after, the beach became known as The Farm.

Is The Farm Beach Patrolled?

No, the beach is never patrolled.

Is Killalea State Park Dog-Friendly?

No, pets aren’t allowed in most regional parks managed by NPWS.

Can You Fish at Killalea Beach?

Yes, bring your rod and some bait!

Please leave us a comment below.

We acknowledge and respect the First Nations people as the Traditional Custodians of the land/water that we visited and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

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