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Mermaid Pools at Tahmoor Gorge: The Ultimate Guide

Mermaid Pools at Tahmoor Gorge: The Ultimate Guide

This is the ultimate guide to visiting the Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge (Tahmoor Canyon) near Sydney. There is a lot of confusion about what body of water is referred to as the Mermaid Pools. It’s actually the main waterhole within Tahmoor Gorge. So by visiting the Mermaid Pools, you’ll also be visiting the incredible Tahmoor Gorge.

This guide will talk about two walking trails leading to these natural wonders. We’ll start by talking about the popular trail to the Mermaid Pools (Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge Walk) which offers outstanding views of Tahmoor Gorge. We’ll then detail the more challenging trail (Tahmoor Gorge Loop Track) that you can do around the canyon itself. But mind you, that one’s not for the faint-hearted!

FYI – the Mermaid Pools are also known as and have been referred to as the Mermaid Pool, Mermaids Pool, Mermaid Falls and Mermaid River Pool. Same same but different! Also, Tahmoor Gorge is also known as Tahmoor Canyon.

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Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge | Day Trip Guide

The Mermaid Pools are located in Tahmoor (Southern Highlands, NSW) with its water source coming from the Bargo River. This place was once a locals only hidden gem! However, the Mermaid Pools and the Tahmoor Gorge are becoming increasingly well known. Certainly, in the last five to ten years, they have gained more awareness. But that’s not to say it’s not off the beaten track. Few people actually visit this lovely spot. In fact, going to the Mermaid Pools is easy day trip from Sydney.

This guide will detail all the things you need to know about the underrated Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge. The Mermaid Pools are located very close to Sydney, so there’s no excuse for not checking it out, especially when they feature in our Best Waterfalls in Sydney article.

But there’s more to this place than the numerous falls and cascades. Tranquil bushwalking and a surprisingly grand gorge await you at Tahmoor Canyon. So let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the two main walking tracks here. One for casual walkers and another for experienced bushwalkers.

The most impressive cascades at Tahmoor Gorge (Canyon). A moderate sized waterfall pours out from the rim of a gorge. Half of the rock platform of which becks stands is covered in shade.
The most impressive cascades at Tahmoor Gorge

Are the Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge Safe to Visit?

Yes. The Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge are certainly safe to visit. Unfortunately though, there have been numerous injuries and sadly even deaths here. The Mermaid Pools death toll remains unknown, but there have been a handful of deaths reported. Injuries, rescues and fatalities usually occur from rock jumping into the Mermaid Pools of the Tahmoor Gorge. Simply put, if you avoid this type of activity, it’s more than safe to visit.

That’s why we highly discourage people from rock jumping here. So that means we also discourage swimming in the Mermaid Pools. That’s because rock jumping into the pools is essentially the quickest and easiest way to access them. Thankfully, there are alternate places to swim here such as the Potholes and See Thru Pools which are much safer.

Interestingly, the Illawarra Mercury reported that the Wollondilly Council accepted a grant from the NSW state government in 2018 to improve safety here. So as part of that funding, you will see numerous signs here discouraging rock jumping. We are all for exploring and having fun. But putting yourself in potential danger doesn’t sound like a good idea to us.

FYI – the Tahmoor Gorge (Canyon) doesn’t fall under the management of NSW National Parks.

The Two Main Walking Tracks

As explained before, there are two main hiking trails involving the Mermaid Pools. The shortest and easiest is the Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge return walk on its own. This walk is easy and safe to do. However, the Tahmoor Gorge Loop Track, which is an extended loop from the Mermaid Pools, is extremely difficult and challenging. So for inexperienced hikers, this trail would be deemed as potentially unsafe. But if you have adequate safety equipment, are an experienced hiker and respect the terrain and surroundings, it’s safe to do. See below for more details.

Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge Walk (Mermaid Pools Hike)

  • Type: Out & Back
  • Distance: 4km
  • Time: 1–2 hours
  • Accumulated elevation gain: 25m
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Trailhead: Pothole Reserve Car Park

Travel Made Me Do It have personally rated the trails in this guide

Upon arriving at the car park, you’ll be surrounded by eucalyptus trees. Without too much of a drive out of the suburbs, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of classic Aussie bushland far away from any city. Closeby are the gentle and rhythmic streams of Bargo River. It’s this river that you’ll have to thank for the amazing serenity on display throughout Tahmoor Canyon. You can’t quite hear them as you get out of the car. But you’ll be able to hear and see them soon enough. When you’re ready, follow the dirt road and continue underneath the bridge to begin the Mermaid Pools hiking trail.

The Pothole Reserve dirt road car park is where to park to get to the Mermaid Pools near Sydney. Eucalyptus trees are all around. A wide dirt trail with several different coloured cars are parked to one side.

Bridge to the Potholes

From the bridge, you’ll almost immediately reach a point just prior to the Potholes with directions towards them or the Mermaid Pools. If you simply would like to see or swim at the Potholes, then you will essentially head left and follow alongside the stream. Quite soon, you will arrive at streaks of deeper river stream. Admittedly, they’re a bit too small for a full body soak. But you could very easily visit on your way back from the Mermaid Pools. Feel free to whip off your hiking boots to cool your feet off in the mild streams on the way back.

Of course, most people visit Tahmoor Gorge to just see the Mermaid Pools as it’s the main attraction. So many will just bypass the Potholes. To head straight to the Mermaid Pools, follow the yellow painted sign heading straight. This will take you away from the Potholes and therefore away from the river.

Directions to the Potholes or Mermaid Pools in Tahmoor Gorge (Canyon) near Sydney. There is a rock platform with brief yellow painted arrows directing walkers to either the Potholes or Mermaid Pools. The rock platform is surrounded by trees.
Directions to the Potholes or Mermaid Pools.

The Upper Track of the Mermaid Pools Hiking Trail

As a result, you’ll be redirected inland onto a bushwalking trail called the Upper Track. This track appears to be also known as the Matilda Track. The dusty trail winds throughout the bushland and is very flat. The trail essentially runs adjacent to the river as it heads in the direction of Tahmoor Gorge. But for the majority of this track, you won’t be able to see or hear the river flowing. Cicadas and birdlife will fill the air with harmonic sounds.

Don’t expect anything particularly extraordinary on your way to the Mermaid Pools. But if there aren’t too many people around, you’ll have a tranquil and soothing bushwalk. After two kilometres you will reach a turn off for the Mermaid Pools. In fact, you’ll find two tiny triangular shaped yellow makeshift signs to guide you. Kudos to whoever put those signs up. Reaching this point of the trail takes around 25 minutes.

The turnoff for the Mermaid Pools or the first Tahmoor Gorge lookout / Tahmoor Gorge Loop trail. A tree peeling large portions of bark has yellow metal signposts drilled into it.
The turnoff for the Mermaid Pools or the first Tahmoor Gorge lookout / Tahmoor Gorge Loop trail.

The Mermaid Pools

To reach the Mermaid Pools you will turn left at the turnoff. This will take you off the Upper Track and towards the river stream. It only takes a minute to descend some rocks. Once you arrive by the water’s edge, turn right to head towards Tahmoor Gorge. You’ll then start to approach the large waterhole known as the Mermaid Pools. This is where people have historically rock jumped. But you will see signs discouraging this activity.

The Mermaid Pools are seriously stunning and certainly some of the best natural pools near Sydney. Smack bang in the middle of the Aussie bush, you have this outrageously huge gorge – bless you Tahmoor Canyon! It was indeed much larger than Beck had expected. It’s pretty mindblowing. A big reward for such a small bushwalk. It’s here that the main stream runs into the gorge creating a small cascade waterfall. As long as you can safely wind around the rim of the gorge at a safe distance, you’ll be able to see it.

The Wollondilly Council discourages rock jumping at the Mermaid Poola at Tahmoor Gorge (Canyon) near Sydney. Beck stands on the rock platform situated above the Mermaid Pools. The large waterhole sits within the stunning Tahmoor Gorge, surrounded by Eucalyptus forest.
The Wollondilly Council discourages rock jumping

See Thru Pools

After exploring the Mermaid Pools, visit the See Thru Pools. This is the best place to swim. To reach the See Thru Pools, you’ll need to head back just a minute to where you descended from the Upper Track. This area has many red ribbons tied around trees which is helpful as a reference point.

From here, continue to follow the stream in the opposite direction of the Mermaid Pools. Basically, you’re heading in the direction of the Potholes. There are some fairly unimpeded trails by the side of the stream that will lead you to the See Thru Pools. You will know you have arrived when you set eyes on a wider cascade. They’re not as large and forceful as the waterfall pouring into the gorge. But, the cascades are beautiful in their own delicate and gentle way.

This is also a nice spot for lunch. Be mindful that this area can be a hot spot for kids on the weekend, particularly in summer. Additionally, it can get more traffic during school holidays. We like to explore places when they’re quieter. So try timing your visit outside of these times for an improved experience.

Beck at a small waterfall
The See Thru Pools

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Tahmoor Gorge Loop Track

  • Type: Loop
  • Distance: 9km
  • Time: 4–5 hours
  • Accumulated elevation gain: 355m
  • Difficulty: Very Difficult
  • Trailhead: Pothole Reserve Car Park

The Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge Walk is a fairly easy stroll through the bush. It’s well marked, maintained and without any technical hiking. It’s the actual Tahmoor Gorge Loop Track that’s quite technical and difficult to navigate. So it’s recommended only for experienced hikers with specialist equipment.

For inexperienced hikers, we only recommend the trails reaching the Potholes, Mermaid Pools and See Thru Pools. Besides, the main attraction are the Mermaid Pools anyway! But for experienced bushwalkers, there is a longer trail that actually loops around Tahmoor Gorge. It’s an approximate 9km return from the car park. In total, it’ll take roughly 4-5 hours to complete.

This trail encompasses the Mermaid Pools return walk. Because this is around 4km out and back, the remaining loop around Tahmoor Canyon is an additional 5km. But to put the difficulty of this hike into perspective, the 4km Mermaid Pools return track should only take an hour. So the actual 5km Tahmoor Gorge loop component takes around 3-4 hours! That’s because you’ll spend a lot of time rock scrambling, negotiating steep terrain and inevitably losing track.

Luckily, there are helpful blue, red and yellow ribbons tied to trees to help guide you. Plus white spraypaint tactically littered across several rocks and trees. However, there are quite steep sections ascending and descending the gorge. So don’t do this walk alone. There is no phone signal out here either. So you may even want to consider a beacon.

Trail Description and Map of Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge Loop Track

Before we explain the route any further, please have a gander at this map. Our guide will make much more sense after quickly looking at it.

If you’re appropriately equipped, once you arrive at the turnoff for the Mermaid Pools, you will continue straight on the Upper Track. You will pass many stunning viewpoints of Tahmoor Gorge along the way. Seeing the gorge from an elevated position amplifies its grandeur. It also makes the Mermaid Pools seem even bigger!

From the Upper Track to the Lower Track

You will then reach a point known as the Sugar Loaf Pass. This is a very steep rocky path descending to the Lower Track. Make sure to take care at this section. Once you reach the Lower Track, you will crossover the Bargo River back and off forth numerous times over the next few hours. This is where the Lower Track is quite difficult to follow. But essentially you’ll follow the river bending around.

If it is busy at the Mermaid Pools, this bushwalk can certainly provide an escape from those crowds. It’s very unlikely to endure much traffic at any one time. Submerged in the Tahmoor Canyon is quite the experience. There’s something additionally incredible with being surrounded by a canyon as opposed to merely bushland. Although, obviously there will still be plenty of that around during the trail. Eventually, you’ll reach Jack’s Pass which is an access track from the canyon floor back up to the Upper Track. That will then lead you back to the Mermaid Pools. From there, you can triumphantly make your way back to the car!

Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge Recap

So there you go, two different trails and experiences exploring the Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge (Canyon). Both thrilling, fun and adventurous. Luckily, these the Mermaid Pools and Tahmoor Gorge are so close to Sydney that they can be easily visited. Probably a half day trip if you just check out the Mermaid Pools and a full day trip for the Tahmoor Gorge Loop Track. This area is becoming more well known by the minute, so check it out before it’s a tourist hotspot.

Admittedly, finding the car park is a little tricky. So please find some details below on how to get there plus some additional information for interstate and international travellers.

How to Get to the Mermaid Pools

Drive there: the Mermiad Pools and Tahmoor Gorge is actually located just outside of Sydney in the beautiful rural area of Bargo in the Southern Highlands. They’re unable to be reached by public transport so you’ll need a car. If you don’t have your own set of wheels, we recommend hiring a car.

Car Hire

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Directions: from Sydney, it’ll take around 1–1.5 hours to get there. Direction wise, they’re south west of Sydney. They’re inland of Campbelltown and from there, essentially on the way to Bowral. According to Google Maps, they’re called Mermaids Pool. If you follow directions to that point, you will not be directed to the actual car park. That happened to us, so we were a bit lost to start off with.

There is actually a dirt road car park located next to Rockford Road Bridge. This dirt road is seemingly unnamed but following the signs to Pothole Reserve will lead you there. After crossing the bridge on Rockford Road, you will turn right onto Charles Point Road and immediately right again on to the unnamed dirt road. There is plenty of space here to park. Use our Google Maps pin drop to direct you to the exact spot you need to park!

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Getting to Sydney

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FAQs About the Mermaid Pools

Below, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about the Mermaid Pools at the Tahmoor Gorge (Canyon), near Sydney.

Where Are the Mermaid Pools in NSW?

The Mermaid Pools are located outside of Sydney in Tahmoor.

Where Is Tahmoor?

Tahmoor is located in the Macarthur Region, falling under the Wollondilly Shire. The Mermaid Pools at Tahmoor Gorge are just south of Sydney in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Can You Swim in the Mermaid Pools?

The best swimming spots in Tahmoor Gorge, near the Mermaid Pools, include the Potholes and See Thru Pools. We don’t recommend rock jumping and swimming in the main Mermaid Pools swimming hole due to safety risks. After all, there are signs at the Mermaid Pools forbidding this.

Hiking Essentials For the Mermaid Pools

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Just so you know, it can get surprisingly cold here in winter. So make sure to have some warm layers. In summer though, those layers will be totally unnecessary.

Trail Navigation (Signage Along the Way)

As mentioned, there are different sorts of signage along both of the walks discussed in this guide. But, we recommend using a map before you set out to complete the Tahmoor Gorge Loop Track. We recommend Wikiloc or AllTrails. For those not so prepared, if you’re needing navigation help during the hike and don’t have any phone reception, consider using Although you need to have at least downloaded the map of the general area beforehand.

Bonus Tips

  • Beware of snakes: this is the Aussie bush! So there are snakes. We’ve been three times and have only seen a snake once. So make sure you have appropriate hiking gear for the bush. This means wearing trousers instead of shorts, even when it’s hot.
  • Wear shoes: again, even if you’re just swimming, still wear shoes. We recommend trainers at the very least. Ideally, hiking boots though, given it’s a bushwalk. We’ve seen people just in flip flops on the bush trail. They’re asking for trouble!
  • Mermaid Pools camping isn’t an option: just so you know, there are no campsites or campgrounds at the Tahmoor Canyon.

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We acknowledge and respect the First Nations people as the Traditional Custodians of the land/water that we visited and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

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    Hi, did the walk today. Your information was very useful. Got me started nicely. Just want to say having done lots of harder walks, that was actually quite easy. Found the map which was on a few trees to be very useful .
    Hot day, but a fun day, so many swims .

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