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Henrhyd Falls: How To Visit The Batman Waterfall In Wales

Henrhyd Falls: How To Visit The Batman Waterfall In Wales

Henrhyd Falls (Sgwd Henrhyd) is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the south of Wales. The short and compact walk to reach the stunning 27m single-drop cascade is a popular trail and one for all the family. From the Henrhyd Falls Car Park, you’ll find a steep but picturesque walk leading to the incredible waterfall, complete with a swimming hole. And, if you’re a film buff, you’re about to find out why Henrhyd Falls is sometimes referred to as ‘Batman’s Cave‘.

In this guide, we’ll look at what and where Henrhyd Falls is, as well as how to get there and where to park. We’ll provide a GPS map (though not really required, but nice to look at) and give a brief trail description. Then, we’ll cover the best time of year to visit, where to stay and throw in a few bonus tips at the end.

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About Henrhyd Falls Wales

Henrhyd Falls is a beautiful single-drop 27-metre high waterfall in Wales. In fact, Henrhyd Falls is the tallest waterfall in southern Wales. Although, you’ll find the flow of Henrhyd Waterfall is somewhat weather dependent and you’ll be more likely to see this majestic plunge in all its glory after a period of heavy downpours. But, isn’t that the case with most waterfalls?

Nevertheless, the fantastic cascade dropping into the perfect swimming hole below, whatever the weather, make Henrhyd Falls one of the most popular waterfalls to visit in the Brecon Beacons National Park, if not Wales. In addition, this is one such waterfall you can walk behind and has even starred in a Hollywood blockbuster. I think you might have heard of the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises. Well, Henrhyd Falls was Batman’s Batcave. Now that’s definitely worth a look, eh?

Where Is Henrhyd Falls?

Henrhyd Falls is located within the famed Waterfall Country of southern Wales. Nestled in Coelbren in the county of Powys, Henrhyd is managed by the National Trust.

How to Get to Henrhyd Falls?

It’s easiest to get to Henrhyd Falls with your own vehicle. Getting there from the larger towns of Cardiff, Swansea, Carmarthen and Abergavenny is very straightforward. Below gives you an idea of the drive times and distances from each.

  • Cardiff: 75 minutes // 41 miles (66km)
  • Swansea: 45 minutes // 20 miles (32km)
  • Carmarthen: 1 hour // 40 miles (64km)
  • Abergavenny: 1 hour // 35 miles (56km)

It’s possible to take public transport to get to Henrhyd Waterfall and to see the famous Batman Batcave location. From Cardiff, Carmarthen, Abergavenny and Swansea you will need to take either the bus or train to the town of Neath, just outside of Swansea.

From Neath, you will pick up the X8 Cymru Clipper bus to Coelbren, where Henrhyd Falls is. Once in Coelbren Village, you will walk down Dol Henrhyd Road for around 10 minutes to the waterfall car park and begin the walk. You can check the train timetable here and the bus timetable here.

Driving yourself is by far the most straightforward way to get to Henrhyd Falls. If you don’t have access to your own vehicle, then we recommend hiring something. When hiring a car, we always get the ball rolling with a search on Booking a car with is easy and stress-free, plus they offer an unbeatable free cancellation policy too.

Henrhyd Falls Car Park

The Henrhyd Falls Car Park isn’t huge. But, given the shortness of the walk, the turnaround of visitors is quite quick, so hopefully finding a space shouldn’t be a struggle. That being said, if the Henrhyd Falls Car Park is full, you can find an overflow car park for the waterfall close by. There is a fee to pay for this overflow car park. The official Henrhyd Falls Car Park is better as it’s managed by the National Trust and is free to park in. The postcode for the Henrhyd Falls Car Park is SA10 9PH.

Henrhyd Falls and Batman

The beauty and intrigue of Henrhyd Falls don’t just catch the eye of waterfall lovers. It also caught the eye of Hollywood. So much so that Henrhyd Waterfall was used as a filming location. Specifically, the entrance to Batman’s lair in the Hollywood blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises. And now, Henrhyd Falls is frequently referred to as the ‘Batman Cave’.

In the film, Henrhyd Falls is used as the backdrop of Blake locating the entrance to the Batcave after receiving a package from Bruce Wayne. For your convenience, I watched this to fact-check the claims and can confirm, that, indeed, the film features Henrhyd Falls, AKA Batman’s Cave, in all its glory.

Henrhyd Falls Map & Preview

  • Trail Type: Out & Back
  • Distance: 1.2km
  • Time: 0.5 hours
  • Accumulated elevation gain: 45m
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Trailhead: Henrhyd Falls Car Park (postcode SA10 9PH)
  • Map: Wikiloc

Henrhyd Falls Walk

From the Henrhyd Falls Car Park, a level and sturdy path descends steeply into the valley below. The trail swings out wide as you descend the woodland before crossing a wooden footbridge across the Nant Llech river. It’s from this river that Henrhyd Waterfall flows.

After the footbridge across Nant Llech, you’ll then turn left and follow a narrower trail among forest surrounds that leads you directly to the waterfall. It’s fairly straightforward and will likely have other walkers indicating the way.

Once at Henrhyd Waterfall, you can scramble down to the water’s edge and enjoy views from the poolside. 

The Walk Behind Henrhyd Waterfall

Amazingly, you can walk behind the waterfall at Henrhyd Falls. And it’s well worth the added adventure. Access behind can be made from either side.

The most obvious trail to take is that on the right-hand side as you face Henrhyd Falls. The narrow and often muddy and slippy trail hugs the cliff face as it winds around to the damp enclosure of, well, Batman’s Cave at Henrhyd Falls. There are warnings of loose rock and even though you’ll see the majority of visitors taking on the path behind the waterfall, doing so is at your own risk and you should always assess the circumstances to judge safety for yourself when you visit Henrhyd Falls.

You can return from behind the waterfall the way you came, or continue through and exit from the other side. This will bring you down to the pool’s edge, from where you can climb back up to the viewpoint of Henrhyd Falls. This completes a small loop.

Signage on the Henrhyd Falls Walk
Beck walks behind Henrhyd falls waterfall

Henrhyd Falls Swimming

If you love a wild swimming spot, or just get swept up in the movie magic of Batman and Henrhyd Falls, then you can swim in the pool. Care should be taken across the slippery rocks in the water, but a dip in the pools of Henrhyd Waterfall is super refreshing.

Once you’ve enjoyed Henrhyd Falls and imagining Batman’s lair, it’s just a case of retracing your steps back to the car park. Of course, the return walk is rather steep but at least it’s not long.

Extended Henrhyd Falls and the Nant Llech Walk

For a longer walk to Henrhyd Falls, you might consider the Nant Llech Walk. This tranquil 5.6km trail through breathtaking woodland begins at the National Trust car park for Henrhyd Falls and follows the usual route down to the waterfall. Once you’ve been to the waterfall, you’ll again retrace your steps to just after the footbridge. Once you’ve crossed the footbridge over Nant Llech, rather than take the trail on the right back to the Henrhyd Falls Car Park, you’ll take the trail to the left.

This trail follows along the right side of the Nant Llech and enjoys the peaceful surroundings of the woodland. You’ll pass other small cascades, the site of an old watermill called the Melin Llech, before heading to Llech Bridge and the River Tawe. From here, you can either retrace your steps to the Henrhyd Falls Car Park the way you came or follow the country lanes and create a loop walk.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Henrhyd Falls?

The best time to visit Henrhyd Falls is undoubtedly after a heavy bout of rainfall. Dan and I visited during a rather dry period and found Henrhyd Falls lacked the usual gusto we’d seen the waterfall capable of. Still, was Henrhyd Falls worth a visit anyway? Absolutely. But, if you can time a visit with a rainstorm, you’ll find a much fuller Henrhyd Waterfall, pumping in full force.

Of course, given the ease of visiting Henrhyd Falls, not to mention its association with Batman, a trip to the waterfall can be quite busy. Dan and I visited on a bank holiday weekend and found there to be quite a number of people there and even swimming. For a quieter visit, consider going first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Alternatively, a mid-week trip should be quieter, as too would a visit outside of school holidays and the summer.

Dan at Henrhyd Falls the batman waterfall

Accommodation Close to Henrhyd Falls

There are many beautiful places to stay in the Brecon Beacons National Park. However, for close proximity to the Henrhyd Falls Walk, you might be looking for something a little closer to Coelbren and the west of the Brecon Beacons. Below, we’ll take a look at the best budget, mid-range and luxury options in the area, before having a look at camping options.

  • Budget – The Little Cottage: located in Abercraf, not far from Coelbren is The Little Cottage. This one-bed holiday cottage is in a quiet location with hikes galore right on the doorstep.
  • Mid-range – Rheolau Arms: the private room at the Rheolau Arms are a huge hit with guests. As too is the wonderful breakfast. The perfect start to any day exploring the Waterfall Country in Wales.
  • Luxury – Camden Lodge B&B Brecon: for a truly relaxing break in the Brecon Beacons, a stay at Camden Lodge B&B Brecon will tick a lot of boxes. Honestly, guests can’t rave enough about this place, with communication with the host, breakfast and location all a huge hit.

Camping Options

Close by, you’ll find Cae Glas Campsite within excellent proximity for the walk to Henrhyd Falls and the Batman Cave. Especially good if you want to avoid the crowds and visit early in the morning or just before nightfall.

Five Hiking Essentials

These are our five hiking gear essentials for the Henrhyd Falls Walk in the Brecon Beacons! For a more extensive hiking gear list, check out our 66 Travel Accessories That You Must Travel With. Alternatively, for a general summary of everything you’d need for a hiking trip to Wales, visit our Ultimate Packing Checklist.

You should also pack water and snacks. If the weather is good, consider a picnic and maybe your swimmers!

Bonus Tips

  • Pack layers: the weather in Wales can change quickly. Make sure you pack layers and waterproofs for every eventuality.
  • Other Welsh waterfalls: other stunning waterfalls to visit in Wales include Dolgoch Falls, Conwy Falls, Lady Falls and Aberdulais Falls.
  • Brecon Beacons Tours: if you want the hassle taken care of when it comes to trip planning. Get Your Guide offer some pretty great tour options in southern Wales.

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