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Cascade Falls: The Cascades Walk Ultimate Guide (Updated 2024)

Cascade Falls: The Cascades Walk Ultimate Guide (Updated 2024)

Cascade Falls is a pretty waterfall located in the Macquarie Pass National Park. By following the Cascades Walk (AKA the Cascades Walking Track), you can find this diminutive yet impressive waterfall. In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about exploring Cascade Falls.

What Is Cascade Falls?

Cascade Falls is a small cascade waterfall located in Macquarie Pass in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Sure, it’s not the biggest and best waterfall in the Southern Highlands, let alone Macquarie Pass National Park. But, the waterfall is quick and easy to reach. Indeed, you won’t need to exert too much effort to reach this sublime waterfall.

Given the short distance and relative ease of the Cascades Walk, it’s certainly a family-friendly walk. When it comes to things to do in Macquarie Pass that are suitable for kids – the Cascades Walk ticks all of the boxes!

So, exactly where is Cascades Falls located?

Discover the best waterfalls in Sydney and the Southern Highlands

Where Is Cascade Falls?

The waterfall is located in the Macquarie Pass National Park, which is located inland of the South Coast of New South Wales. You’ll find that the waterfall is located between Robertson and Albion Park. To help get your bearings, please click on the image below to access an interactive map of the area on Google Maps.

A map showing the location of Cascade Falls

Cascades Walk: Stats and Map

  • Type: Out and Back
  • Distance: 2km
  • Time: 1.5 hours
  • Accumulated elevation gain: 50m
  • Difficulty: Grade 3
  • Trailhead: Cascades Picnic Area
  • Map: AllTrails

As graded by NSW National Parks using the Australian Walking Track Grading System

Cascades Walk: Trail Description

To reach Cascade Falls, you’ll do the fun Cascades Walk (AKA the Cascade Walk, Cascades Walking Track and Cascade Falls Hike). It’s a relatively simple and straightforward walk leading to the small but appealing waterfall. Along the walk, there are some amazing tree roots and other natural attractions to enjoy.

FYI – this is probably the most popular walk in the Macquarie Pass National Park because of its ease and accessibility. But, despite the foot traffic, the walk is still enjoyable and worthwhile.

Below, we’ll briefly describe the Cascades Walk – let’s go waterfall chasing!

The Walk to Cascade Falls

From the Cascade Falls trailhead at the car park, you’ll walk across the serene Cascade Falls Picnic Area. After passing this picnic area, you’ll venture into a dense forest. You’ll soon pass by a lovely still creek.

Keep an eye out for an amazing woody vine about halfway along the walk. The winding tree roots are simply amazing. Indeed, Beck was thoroughly impressed!

After leaving the impressive tree roots behind, you’ll continue along the fairly flat trail. Before you know it – you’ll reach Cascade Falls!

Once you reach the waterfall, there are many rocks surrounding the swimming pool that act as fantastic natural seats. These resting points provide you with a quick breather and a moment to enjoy this small but charming waterfall. Otherwise, you may even want to go for a paddle in the shallow pool at the base of the falls.

Cascade Falls

There are actually some additional waterfalls near Cascade Falls. If you follow a trail to the right of the waterfall, you can find some other cascades. Although, unfortunately, it seems this section of the walk has been closed for good.

After admiring the waterfall, you’ll simply retrace your steps to complete the walk. Why not finish up with a relaxing lunch at the Cascades Picnic Area?

Exploring Cascade Falls at Night

Other than finding Cascade Falls, another adventure you could have along the Cascades Walk is searching for glow worms! Indeed, there a tonnes of places in the Southern Highlands where you can find glow worms. And, the Macquarie Pass National Park is certainly one of those places.

You’ll find loads of glow worms along the river bank, which runs parallel to the Cascades Walking Track. To find the main concentration of glow worms, you’ll need to locate the den, which isn’t too far from Cascade Falls. By finding the sloped metal pathway and following a path to the right of it, you’ll end up at at the edge of the creek, where you’ll find quite a few glow worms!

Tips For Your Visit at Night and Caring For Glow Worms

Of course, to see glow worms, you’ll need complete darkness. So, wait at least an hour after sunset before searching for them. Thankfully, the Cascades Walk is a short and easy trail, that’s fairly straightforward to navigate in the dark.

If you’re lucky enough to find glow worms, make sure to turn off all of your sources of light in order to protect them. Once you’ve located them, make sure to wait for your eyes to adjust – this can take a few minutes. And, if you’re keen on photography, make sure to use a tripod to capture the glow worms in all of their glory.

Other Waterfalls in Macquarie Pass National Park

Other than Cascade Falls, there are plenty of other magnificent waterfalls in Macquarie Pass National Park. By doing the Clover Hill Trail (AKA the Macquarie Pass Waterfall Walk), you can see loads of Macquarie Pass waterfalls, including Rainbow Falls, Mulangong Falls, Clover Falls and McAndrew Falls.

Otherwise, there are a couple of other great waterfalls found elsewhere in the national park. Below, we’ll briefly detail all of the waterfalls you can find in the Macquarie Pass National Park.

  • Rainbow Falls: it’s the first waterfall you’ll see on the Clover Hill Trail. It’s really easy to find Rainbow Falls, but the same can’t be said for Mulangong, Clover and McAndrew Falls.
  • Mulangong Falls: further upstream from Rainbow Falls is a series of cascades leading to the gorgeous Mulangong Falls.
  • Clover Falls: Clover Falls is the better waterfall you can find on the Clover Hill Trail. Finding it takes excellent navigation, hard work and patience. But, it’s absolutely worth it!
  • McAndrew Falls: this is the most challenging waterfall to find on the Clover Hill Trail. Many people have reported sustaining injuries during their off-trail journey to find it. So, this waterfall is certainly reserved for very experienced bushwalkers.
  • Macquarie Falls: these waterfalls are found further upstream from Clover Falls. It’s possible to access the Macquarie Pass Canyon and abseil down these falls, before joining the Clover Hill Trail.
  • Jump Rock: although the track to this cascade waterfall is now closed, Jump Rock in Macquarie Pass remains one of the prettiest waterfalls in the area.

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Dan admires a waterfall in Macquarie Pass National Park
Clover Falls

How to Get to Cascade Falls

Macquarie Pass National Park falls just outside southern Sydney within the Southern Highlands area. For Sydneysiders, depending on where you’re travelling from, you can expect a 30 minute to 2 hour journey.

Essentially, you’ll park at the spacious Cascade Falls Car Park. If you have an annual NSW parks pass, parking is free.

To explore Macquarie Pass National Park, you’ll need a car. There are no public transport options to get to Cascade Falls. If you need a car, we recommend using It’s a fantastic search engine for finding the cheapest car hire. Search for cheap car hire in Sydney today. A 2WD will suffice for this adventure.

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Getting to Sydney

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Where to Stay Near Cascade Falls: Robertson

Robertson is a quaint town located near the Macquarie Pass National Park. If you’re wanting to explore more of the national park, why not spend the weekend in the charming town of Robertson? Below, we’ve handpicked the best Robertson accommodation options.

Hiking Gear Essentials For Macquarie Pass National Park

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Below, we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions about Cascade Falls.

Beck looks at an amazing tree

Is Cascade Falls a Hike?

Although it’s a short and easy walking track, it definitely still counts as a hike!

How Long Is the Cascade Falls Walk?

The walking track is approx. 1km. So, you’re looking at an approx. 2km return walk.

Can You Smin at Cascade Falls?

Yes, although the swimming pool at the base of the waterfall is fairly shallow.

Is Cascade Falls Dog Friendly?

No, NSW National Parks are not dog-friendly spaces.

Is Cascade Falls Open?

Check the latest alerts on the Cascades Walk NSW National Parks page to guarantee the trail is open when you plan to visit.

Bonus Tips

  • Chase other nearby waterfalls: there are definitely better waterfalls in Macquarie Pass – make sure to do the Clover Hill Trail.
  • Start early: to avoid the crowds, we recommend doing this walk early or late in the day.
  • Expect misty roads at Macquarie Pass: it’s common to have mist, fog and adverse weather around Macquarie Pass. The road leading to the car park can be windy and hairy so take it easy around the bends, particularly when visibility is poor.

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