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The Drinking Dinosaur: An Epic Attraction At Flamborough Head

The Drinking Dinosaur: An Epic Attraction At Flamborough Head

The Drinking Dinosaur is an amazing natural rock formation found at Flamborough Head on the Yorkshire coastline. Between Flamborough Head and Bempton Cliffs, there are many other phenomenal rock formations and impressive cliff walls, including Flamborough Cliffs. Personally, we explored the Drinking Dinosaur as part of our walk from Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs. If you follow suit, you’ll get to enjoy more wondrous coastal attractions along the East Riding of Yorkshire other than just the Drinking Dinosaur.

Of course, if you’re not keen on the coastal walk from Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs, that’s all good. This guide will help you discover the Drinking Dinosaur without any additional exploration or walking. But, given our personal experience of exploring the Drinking Dinosaur as part of the Flamborough Head Walk to Bempton Cliffs, we’ll talk about this coastal walk throughout the guide. To that end, in this guide, we’ll tell you everything else you need to know about visiting the Drinking Dinosaur at Flamborough Head!

We’ve also put together a YouTube production, which shows off the Drinking Dinosaur and the other highlights of this coastal walk. Make sure to watch below!

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Exploring the Drinking Dinosaur During the Flamborough Head Walk to Bempton Cliffs

Located in the East Riding of Yorkshire, the Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs walk is easily one of the best coastal routes in the UK. But, many walkers will miss the outstanding Drinking Dinosaur attraction, located along the coastline at Flamborough Head. The Drinking Dinosaur isn’t actually located on the typical route, as depicted in many trail descriptions online. But, it only takes a small detour off the typical route to explore this amazing natural attraction.

For those not interested in the coastal walk, you’ll only need to do a short walk to the Drinking Dinosaur from the Flamborough Head Car Park.

Certainly, exploring the Drinking Dinosaur makes the Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs walk even better. So, we highly recommend adding this awesome natural attraction to your coastal walk along the brilliant East Yorkshire coast. Other than the phenomenal Drinking Dinosaur, you’ll also have beautiful white cliffs, stunning beaches and amazing birdlife to enjoy along this walk. Indeed, all of the highlights of the Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs walk will be covered in this guide.

Flamborough Head Walk to Bempton Cliffs: The Best Trail Option

The typical Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs walk is a circular route, which doesn’t take in the Drinking Dinosaur at Flamborough Head. This option involves completing the route by cutting inland from Bempton Cliffs to Flamborough. Of course, we’re usually all for a loop instead of doing an out and back, in order to explore new areas. But in this case, with an absolutely stunning coastline, we think it’s best to stick by the coast the entire walk!

So, for the best hiking experience, you should start by exploring the Drinking Dinosaur at Flamborough Head. Perhaps, start early so you can enjoy a sunrise, golden hour and fewer crowds. We then recommend joining the typical route to Bempton Cliffs and then completing an out and back walk. This way, you’ll stick by the beautiful coastline for longer and skip any needless road walking on your return.

Flamborough Head Walk to Bempton Cliffs Stats and Map

  • Type: Out & Back
  • Distance: 20.9km
  • Time: 5–7 hours
  • Accumulated elevation gain: 670m
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Trailhead: Flamborough Head Car Park
  • Map: Wikiloc

Travel Made Me Do It have personally rated this trail

The Drinking Dinosaur

From Flamborough Head Car Park, you’ll only have a short 600-metre walk to the incredible Drinking Dinosaur landform. This rock formation is by far one of the most impressive natural attractions in the UK. Checking it out will make the perfect start to your Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs walk. Otherwise, if you’re not planning on doing the coastal walk, you’ll have plenty of time to relax at the coastal vantage point to soak in this natural attraction.

Map of Flamborough Head Car Park and the Drinking Dinosaur

If you can’t quite make it for sunrise, try to get here as early as possible. The early morning golden hour really brings this dinosaur to life.

Flamborough Head and Flamborough Head Lighthouse

If you’re doing the walk to Bempton Cliffs, afterwards, you’ll join the coastal route from Flamborough Head, heading north, passing the New Flamborough Lighthouse (AKA Flamborough Head Lighthouse). Almost immediately, you’ll catch sight of the Selwicks Bay Cliffs. These white sandstone cliffs are absolutely spectacular and are a major highlight of the Flamborough Head walk to Bempton Cliffs.

Fun facts about Flamborough Head: it’s defined as a chalk headland, and, the lighthouse is a Grade II listed building!

Make sure to head down to Selwicks Bay (tide allowing) where there are incredible white cliffs and rocks scattered along the beach. You’ll also have great views of the Selwicks Bay Cliffs from a lower position on the bay.

Flamborough Cliffs

You’ll then rejoin the coastal path and explore along the outstanding Flamborough Headland Heritage Coast. The Flamborough Cliffs are truly stunning, with glistening white sandstone ruggedly shaped from natural erosion. Indeed, alongside the Drinking Dinosaur, the Flamborough Cliffs are a highlight of the walk. Certainly, we think seeing the Drinking Dinosaur and missing out on the Flamborough Cliffs would be a shame!

Flamborough Beaches: North Landing and Thornwick Bay

After a mesmerising walk alongside the Flamborough Cliffs, you’ll arrive at North Landing Beach. Other than the incredible cliffs, there is an interesting cave to explore on the beach.

Further north along the coast is another beautiful bay called Thornwick Bay. Expect more epic white cliffs, just like the ones at Flamborough Cliffs, to surround the bay and maybe even some seals laying on the pebbles!

Dan approaches a sea cave at North Landing Beach

Bempton Cliffs

Heading towards the mammoth Bempton Cliffs, the coastal path begins to ascend. The cliffs become taller, as you head further north, passing farmland to your right. Without any bays to explore, this is a good section to speed hike.

Speed hiking: The relatively long stretch of coast between Thornwick Bay and Bempton Cliffs is a great section to speed hike. It’s a fairly uninterrupted track with mostly even terrain and a slight incline, so speed hiking allows for a great workout while you soak in the amazing coastal views.

As you near Bempton Cliffs, you will notice an increase in seabirds flying around and squawking. Expect many a bird watcher here gawking at these amazing sea creatures! Here, members of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) help manage the Bempton Cliffs Nature Reserve. The staff are helpful, informative and do a great job with conserving the area.

Bempton Cliffs

Once you’ve enjoyed a spot of birdwatching, it’s time for the return journey. We suggest retracing your steps to complete an out and back coastal walk. On the way back, you’ll see the marvellous white cliffs and serene bays from a different angle, offering a new perspective on a path you’ve already covered.

The Drinking Dinsour and Flamborough Head Walk Recap

Make sure you explore the Drinking Dinosaur as part of your Flamborough Head walk to Bempton Cliffs. Although it’s not included in the traditional route, it’s well worth the short detour to check out this incredible world-class natural attraction. Otherwise, if you’re not doing the walk, this guide would have provided you with all of the necessary information to simply explore the Drinking Dinosaur on its own right.

Indeed, there are many stunning sea stacks and white cliffs in the UK, but the Drinking Dinosaur and Flamborough Cliffs are up there with the best. Add on the breathtaking birdlife at Bempton Cliffs, and you have one of the best coastal walks in the UK, starting with the phenomenal Drinking Dinosaur!

Dan and Beck look at the Drinking Dinosaur
The Drinking Dinosaur at sunrise

How to Get to the Drinking Dinosaur

When compared with using public transport, driving to Flamborough Head, to access the Drinking Dinosaur, is the easiest option. If you don’t have your own set of wheels, consider renting with – they have an unbeatable free cancellation policy.

Flamborough Head Parking

There is a large pay and display car park with around 100 spaces next to the New Flamborough Head Lighthouse. Annoyingly, charges apply from 8am–6pm, so we couldn’t pay for a ticket when we arrived around 7:30am. So, after exploring the Drinking Dinosaur, we went back to the car park and paid for our ticket before walking to Bempton Cliffs. We had trouble using a credit card with the ticket machine, so we paid £3 in cash. If you plan on parking elsewhere in East Riding after your coastal walk, you can purchase the East Riding Wide Daily Ticket for around £2 extra.

Public Transport

If you have no option but to use public transport, it’s possible to get a train to Bridlington from either Scarborough or Hull. You can then catch the number 14 bus to Flamborough and then walk 3.2km to Flamborough Cliffs from there.

Flamborough Hotels Near the Drinking Dinosaur

If you’re exploring the Drinking Dinosaur as part of a holiday and need a place to spend the night, look no further! Below, we’ll talk about the best Flamborough hotels to stay at to explore the Drinking Dinosaur.

  • Crab Pot Cottage: a small, friendly bed and breakfast located in the picturesque Flamborough. The cottage was previously owned by a shell fisherman!
  • Cameron Court B&B: this B&B boasts a garden, a shared lounge and a terrace. This B&B is located in between Flamborough and North Landing. It would be an awesome base to explore the Drinking Dinosaur and do the Flamborough Head walk to Bempton Cliffs.
  • Thorncroft B&B: this adults-only beautiful summerhouse includes outside seating and a BBQ area in a gorgeous private garden area. Best of all, a full English breakfast is included in the price! 

Flamborough Head Camping Near the Drinking Dinosaur

There are many great campsites near the Drinking Dinosaur at Flamborough Head. The best Flamborough head camping areas include the Wold Farm Caravan and Camping Site, the Lighthouse Holiday Park and the nearby Haven Thornwick Bay Holiday Park.

Personally, hiking Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs was one of the trails we covered during our August long weekend stay in the beautiful North York Moors. Given most of our hikes that weekend would be in the North York Moors National Park, we decided to stay there. In the end, we booked a non-electric hook-up at the lovely Middlewood Farm Holiday Park for £84 for 3 nights.

The campsite is tucked away in the quiet town of Fylingthorpe, located next to the well-known Robin Hood’s Bay. Be mindful that check-in closes at 6pm, but you can call reception ahead of time to organise a later check-in. We did exactly that, checking in around 7pm. The campsite has good facilities and is very spacious. We enjoyed camping here. Although, it’s about an hour’s drive to Flamborough Head from Robin Hood’s Bay.

Robin Hood's Bay
Robin Hood’s Bay

Other Things to Do in Flamborough

Other than exploring the Drinking Dinosaur or doing the Flamborough Head walk to Bempton Cliffs, there are many other things to do in Flamborough. Let’s look at your options below.

Do One of the Other Flamborough Head Walks

There are many route variations when it comes to Flamborough Head Walks. Of course, we recommend the Flamborough Head walk to Bempton Cliffs as discussed in this guide. But, if you’re keen on a shorter walk, then consider the Flamborough Head Circular Walk or Flamborough Coastal Circuit. Whichever walk you choose, make sure to include a stop at the Drinking Dinosaur!

Have a Drink at One of the Flamborough Head Cafes

The Headlands Family Restaurant and Cafe Bar and the Cliff End Cafe are both fantastic Flamborough Head cafes. Either cafe will make a brilliant rest spot after exploring the Drinking Dinosaur or walking from Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs.

Explore Flamborough Caves

Also known as Robin Lythe’s Cave, the Flamborough Caves refer to an epic sea cave at North Landing Beach. Keep in mind that the Flamborough Caves can only be explored at low tide.

FAQs About the Drinking Dinosaur

Below, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about the Drinking Dinosaur.

What Is the Drinking Dinosaur?

It’s an epic rock formation and sea stack at Flamborough Head.

What Rock Is the Drinking Dinosaur?

The rock that’s known as the Drinking Dinosaur is also known as the Flamborough Sea Arch.

Where Is the Drinking Dinosaur Located?

The Drinking Dinosaur is located at Flamborough Head in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

What Is the Flamborough Head Post Code?

YO15 1AR

Getting to England

Flights: to do this trip from abroad, you’ll need to fly to England, with either Manchester or Leeds, being the most convenient airports to fly to. When booking flights, use Skyscanner to search for the cheapest flights. When flying abroad, we always get the ball rolling with a Skyscanner search. Although, with the pandemic, we recommend booking directly with the airline, because it will be much easier to cancel or reschedule flights if need be.

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Five Hiking Gear Essentials

These are our five hiking gear essentials for the Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs coastal walk. For a more comprehensive hiking gear list, check out our 66 Travel Accessories That You Must Travel With. Otherwise, for a general summary of everything you’d need for a trip, visit our Ultimate Packing Checklist.

Five Camping Gear Essentials

These are our five camping gear essentials for any trip. You can find more information on camping gear by visiting our in-depth packing checklist and travel essentials guide.

Bonus Tips

  • Trail navigation: hiking Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs is quite straightforward; but, if you’re unfamiliar with the area, it may be worth having GPS directions. Feel free to use our Wikiloc GPS-guided map.
  • Check the weather: the Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs walk is a superb coastal walk; but, it’s best enjoyed in good weather.
  • Check the tide: before heading to Selwicks Bay, make sure it’s safe to do so by checking the tide.
  • Visit Durdle Door Beach on the Jurassic Coast: Durdle Door is another brilliant rock formation on the south coast of England.
  • Hike at the nearby North York Moors National Park: there are other fantastic coastal walks further north on the Yorkshire Heritage Coast. Other than coastal walks, there are many other great walks in this North Yorkshire-based national park.

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