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Sendero de los Sentidos (Path of the Senses) in Anaga, Tenerife

Sendero de los Sentidos (Path of the Senses) in Anaga, Tenerife

Sendero de los Sentidos (Path of the Senses) is a collection of lovely forest trails in the Anaga Rural Park (Parque Rural de Anaga), Tenerife. Starting near the well-known Mirador Cruz del Carmen, Sendero de los Sentidos includes three interconnected paths. When combined together, you’ll have a short and simple walk through mesmerising dense woodlands. In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Sendero de los Sentidos in Anaga, Tenerife. We’ll also talk about Sendero Hija Cambada, which is another quaint forest trail, that starts near Mirador Cruz del Carmen.

Before reading this guide, feel free to watch our Tenerife Hiking YouTube production below. By using the chapter function, you can check out footage of Sendero de los Sentidos in the Anaga Mountains, Tenerife.

For information about other great hiking routes in Anaga Rural Park, read our guides about the Chinamada Trail, Benijo to El Draguillo and Roque de Taborno. Otherwise, you can read our Anaga Rural Park Hiking Guide.

Sendero de los Sentidos, Anaga Rural Park, Tenerife

In English, ‘Sendero de los Sentidos’ translates to ‘Path of the Senses’. Indeed, the three trails that make up Sendero de los Sentidos, were designed to tickle your five senses.

As you wander through the charming forest, we guarantee that most of your senses will be thoroughly engaged. Well, maybe not taste. We don’t recommend going around licking trees or anything. But, certainly, your vision, hearing and smell are three senses that’ll be stimulated. The lovely woodland landscape, sounds of birdlife and the fresh smell of undisturbed forest will engage your vision, hearing and smell, respectively.

Even your sense of touch can be engaged if you wish. The instructions on the information board at the trailhead, near Mirador Cruz del Carmen, encourage you to use all of your senses! Indeed, the walk is meant to offer different experiences as you discover different elements along its trails.

Along each of the three trails, there are information boards and ‘sensory signs’, which provided further detail about this place and which of your senses should be engaged. Interestingly, the trails follow the Antiguo Camino Real (Old Royal Road). Back in the day, people used this track to get between San Cristobal de La Laguna and the Anaga Mountains. Indeed, you’ll be following the same path as these previous generations.

Below, you’ll find the trail specs for Sendero de los Sentidos and a link to a map. Please note, these stats and the map, are of the combination of the three trails, forming a longer circuit walk.

Dan walks on Sendero de los Sentidos in Anaga, Tenerife, near Mirador Cruz del Carmen and Sendero Hija Cambada

Technical Information and Map

A map of Sendero de los Sentidos

Elevation Profile

Below, you’ll find the elevation profile for Sendero de los Sentidos in the Anaga Mountains, Tenerife. FYI – this is the elevation profile when combing all of the three trails that make up Sendero de los Sentidos.

Trail Description: A Combination of Three Trails

The three trails of Sendero de los Sentidos are simply numbered 1–3. Basically, the three trails vary in difficulty and length. As you can see from the image of the map above, Sendero de los Sentidos 1 is designed for visitors with reduced mobility or impairment. Whereas, Sendero de los Sentidos 2 and 3 are longer and slightly more challenging trails. Usually, visitors will combine all three trails, which, in combination, is still a relatively short walk. Let’s look at these three trails in a bit more detail.

Dan walks on Sendero de los Sentidos in Anaga, Tenerife, near Mirador Cruz del Carmen and Sendero Hija Cambada

Sendero de los Sentidos 1

The trailhead for Sendero de los Sentidos is positioned next to Mirador Cruz del Carmen. We’ll talk about this viewpoint in a little more detail here. From the trailhead, you’ll follow a ramp down into the woodlands. Sendero de los Sentidos 1 (AKA Track 1) involves a flat and relatively even track, which immerses you into the woodlands. Keep in mind that the trail can get a bit muddy.

Track 1 is around 350 metres in length, finishing at a small, wheelchair-friendly terrace. You’ll find an information board here, which talks about how the forest has recovered from previous fires. With this in mind, keep an eye out for the old fire corridors, which are areas of the forest with naturally carved tunnels. It’s certainly an amazing part of the forest.

Sendero de los Sentidos 2

From this viewpoint, you can continue onto Sendero de los Sentidos 2 (AKA Track 2), which steers you deeper into the forest. Basically, Track 2 guides you to an area called Las Montañas, which features a wooden footbridge. From the trailhead near Mirador Cruz del Carmen, Track 2 is around 550 metres in total.

Sendero de los Sentidos 3

From the footbridge, you’ll then continue onto Sendero de los Sentidos 3 (AKA Track 3), which is the longest track. From the trailhead of Track 3, you’ll complete a circular walk, starting and finishing at this point, near the footbridge. On its own, Track 3 is around 1.3km in length. You’ll pass various information boards as you follow the loop track. You’ll then arrive at the pinnacle of Track 3, which are the views provided at Mirador del Llano de los Loros. Beck and I did this hike around sunrise, so we enjoyed seeing the sun pop up from behind the Anaga Mountains.

After enjoying the views, you’ll continue around the loop track, eventually arriving back at the trailhead for Track 3. From there, you’ll simply retrace your steps to the starting position of the walk. We then recommend checking out Mirador Cruz del Carmen or doing another nearby walk called Sendero Hija Cambada.

Mirador del Llano de los Loros (not Mirador del Cruz del Carmen) on the Sendero de los Sentidos in Anaga, Tenerife.
Mirador del Llano de los Loros

Mirador Cruz del Carmen

Next to the trailhead for Sendero de los Sentidos, you’ll find Mirador Cruz del Carmen. It’s a popular viewpoint in the town of Cruz del Carmen. From the lookout, you’ll enjoy magnificent views of Mount Teide – the highest mountain in Tenerife. At Mirador Cruz del Carmen, you’ll find a huge car park and the Anaga Rural Park Visitor Centre. Indeed, you’ll park at the Mirador Cruz del Carmen Car Park to complete Sendero de los Sentidos.

Dan at Mirador Cruz del Carmen, near the trailhead for Sendero Hija Cambada in Anaga, Tenerife.
Mirador Cruz del Carmen

Sendero Hija Cambada

As mentioned, Sendero Hija Cambada is another nearby trail. Also, starting near Mirador Cruz del Carmen, Sendero Hija Cambada is a short track that leads you through similarly quaint forest terrain. Although passing the road a few times, Sendero Hija Cambada is considered calming and relaxing. But, make sure to visit early for a quieter walk as it can get busy.

Other than Sendero de los Sentidos and Sendero Hija Cambada, there are other well-known forest trails in the Anaga Mountains in Tenerife. These include Sendero el Bosque Encantado (Enchanted Forest Trail) and El Bosque de los Enigmas (The Forest of Enigmas). Keep in mind, that to explore the Enchanted Forest, you’ll need to book a permit online. Unfortunately, permits do book out well in advance, so you’ll need to be prepared and book early.

How to Get There

In terms of getting to Sendero de los Sentidos in Tenerife, your best options are getting there by car or bus.

Car Hire

The easiest and quickest way to get to Sendero de los Sentidos is to drive there yourself. If you’re visiting from abroad, you’ll need to hire a car. Beck and I always use when renting a car. You’ll find a wide variety of cars on Rental Cars, which are simple to book online. Also, they offer an exceptional cancellation policy which is always free.

As mentioned, you’ll simply park at the large car park located at Mirador Cruz del Carmen. But, keep in mind that the car park can fill up. This is particularly true during the peak season in summer. So, we recommend arriving early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the rush.

Public Transport: Bus

For those who don’t have a set of wheels, Cruz del Carmen is accessible by bus. We recommend using Google Maps or the official Titsa website to plan your journey.

Where to Stay For Sendero Roque de Taborno

We recommend staying in San Cristobal de La Laguna (known simply as La Laguna). Certainly, it’s a great base for exploring the Anaga Mountains. Given it’s the second most populated city on the island, you should find plenty of accommodation options. For your convenience, we’ve handpicked the best budget, mid-range and luxury options in La Laguna.

  • Budget – Patio Hostel: if you’re looking for the best budget option, then look no further than Patio Hostel. Featuring a garden, terrace, shared lounge, shared kitchen, a tour desk and free luggage storage, you’ll have everything you need for a pleasant stay.
  • Mid-range – Estudio La Concepción: personally, Beck and I stayed at Estudio La Concepción in La Laguna. This small apartment has all the amenities you’ll need. This includes a well-equipped kitchen, a private bathroom and a cosy living space with a comfortable bed. Indeed, this is one of the best value-for-money stays in La Laguna. We highly recommend it.
  • Luxury – La Laguna Gran Hotel: the highly rated and popular La Laguna Gran Hotel is the obvious choice when it comes to a more luxurious stay. The hotel has excellent facilities, including a restaurant, fitness centre, bar and swimming pool. Certainly, it’s one of the best places to stay in La Laguna.

Other than staying in San Cristobal de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is another popular base for exploring the Anaga Mountains. Being the capital city of Tenerife, you’ll have plenty of accommodation options to choose from.

Safety and Rules

At the trailhead sign, you’ll find a list of basic rules related to safety and respect. The overriding message is to stick to the defined tracks and to leave no trace. You know, the standard stuff when exploring nature. Oh, and this is just a walking trail. So, no mountain bikes are allowed on Sendero de los Sentidos.

Gear Essentials

These are our gear essentials for hiking Sendero de los Sentidos in the Anaga Rural Park, Tenerife.

If you’re after a longer hiking gear list, read our 66 Travel Items You Must Travel With. Otherwise, for a list of everything else you’d need for travelling, read our Packing Checklist.

Bonus Tips

  • Other great Tenerife hiking trails: Barranco de Masca is another excellent hike. For easier hikes in Tenerife, then consider going to El Teide National Park to do Roques de Garcia, Montana Rajada, Mirador de Samara or the Chinyero Volcano Loop.
  • Mirador galore in Anaga: there are many scenic viewpoints along the T-12 road. It’s the main road that winds through the heart of Anaga from La Laguna to El Bailadero via Mirador Cruz del Carmen. So, make sure to stop and take in some of the magnificent views. Vueltas de Taganana (Las Vueltas) is one such viewpoint.
  • Other things to do in Tenerife: of course, Tenerife is known for its amazing beaches and coastline. Exploring the coast by boat is another popular thing to do. Whale and dolphin-watching tours are great ways to experience the Tenerife coast. GetYourGuide’s Tenerife: Dolphin and Whale Eco-Cruise with Snack & Drinks is an excellent eco-friendly catamaran tour. Indeed, it’s one of the most popular tours in Tenerife. This great value-for-money tour includes seeing (if you’re lucky) beautiful whales and dolphins whilst offering opportunities to swim and snorkel.

Do you want to discover other fantastic Tenerife walking trails? Have a read of our Tenerife Hiking guide.

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