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Puig Tomir Hike From Lluc Monastery: The Complete Guide

Puig Tomir Hike From Lluc Monastery: The Complete Guide

The Puig Tomir hike from the Lluc Monastery is one of the best hikes in Mallorca. Taking place in the scenic Tramuntana Mountains (Serra de Tramuntana), this day hike is a must for trekkers exploring trails in the Balearic Islands. In this guide, we’re going to talk about a slightly modified trail version. By following this modified trail option, you’ll get to see Es Camell, an outstanding natural attraction, along the way.

Otherwise, in this guide, we’ll cover everything else that you need to know. We’ll provide a GPS-guided map, trail specs and a description of the hike. On top of that, we’ll tell you how to get to the Lluc Monastery and discuss accommodation options around that area.

Other than reading this guide, you can watch footage of the trail on our Mallorca hiking video.

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Puig Tomir Hike Overview

The Puig Tomir hike from the Lluc Monastery is one of the most popular trekking adventures in Mallorca. Also known as Puig de Tomir, this mountain is 1,103 metres above sea level. Summiting Puig Tomir does involve some challenging climbing, which involves negotiating a steep scree chute. But, it’s all worth the effort once you reach the summit of the mountain. You’ll enjoy marvellous views of the Tramuntana range with particularly good views of Puig Major and Puig de MassanellaMallorca’s two highest mountains.

As mentioned, Beck and I did a slightly modified version of the typical route starting from the Lluc Monastery. Overall, we mostly followed the typical route. It was just at the early stages, where we took a detour, an extension if you will, to take in the Es Camell landmark. We’ll describe this route modification below.

FYI – when translated to English, from Spanish, or, more specifically, from Catalonian, ‘Puig’ means ‘hill’ or ‘mountain’.

Modified Puig Tomir Trail Option

Funnily enough, when Beck and I started hiking from the Lluc Monastery, we had no intention of hiking to Puig Tomir! We planned on doing the Vuelta al Puig Roig hike. But, after 4.4km, we arrived at the trailhead gate (Entrada Mossa) and saw that it was closed. The sign at Entrada Mossa detailed it was private property and only accessible on Sundays. Admittedly, we were devastated. We’d heard Vuelta al Puig Roig was one of Mallorca’s best hikes and we couldn’t do it!

Thankfully, I remembered Puig Tomir was a nearby summit which shared the same trailhead from Lluc Monastery. So, we simply retraced our steps down the road and joined the trail to summit Puig Tomir. Indeed, we were lucky that some of the hiking we had done that morning didn’t go to waste; although, it meant the start of this hike was modified from the typical route to Puig Tomir.

As you can see from the map below, the typical route (indicated by the red arrow) is much more direct. Obviously, with hiking Vuelta al Puig Roig in mind, we followed a different trail (indicated by the orange ‘Modified Route’ heading and associated arrow). But, honestly speaking, this was a blessing in disguise. By following this other trail, we saw Es Camell, which is a fascinating natural attraction. On top of that, the trail itself winds through lovely forest, whilst offering stunning vistas, making it a worthy detour in its own right. Although, one drawback is the road walk along the Ma-10 to rejoin the typical Puig Tomir route.

Illustrated map of Puig Tomir trail variation, that includes es Camell

If you want to also include the Es Camell attraction as part of the Puig Tomir hike from Lluc Monastery, follow our GPS-guided directions and trail description below.

Puig Tomir Hike Map & Route Details

  • Type: Loop with Summit Out & Back
  • Distance: 15.3km
  • Time: 6–7 hours
  • Accumulated elevation gain: 725m
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Trailhead: Lluc Monastery Car Park
  • Map: Wikiloc

Puig Tomir Hike Trail Description

Similar to the Puig de Massanella hike that we did in Mallorca, we started the Puig Tomir hike from the Lluc Monastery. Indeed, the Lluc Monastery is considered the typical trailhead for hiking to Puig Tomir. As mentioned, we didn’t follow the typical route in the early stages. By taking a detour, you’ll follow a beautiful white-stone stepped forest trail, that leads towards Es Camell.

Es Camell

Es Camell is a stunning rock formation. As you may have gathered, the landform resembles a camel!

Es Camell

Once you’ve scoped out Es Camell, the trail continues through sublime forest. You’ll hike in fairly dense surroundings before the trail opens up to gorgeous panoramic views of the Tramuntana range.

After taking this trail detour, you’ll arrive at Ma-10. Head south along the main road for approx. 500- metres. You’ll then turn left to continue along the traditional Puig Tomir route. From this point, we followed the typical route for the remainder of the hike.

After passing a small settlement called Menut, the next section is quite flat. You’ll be surrounded by a serene forest. Soon, you’ll arrive at Coll des Pedregaret (658m), which is the trailhead for the out and back section to the summit of Puig Tomir. The trail immediately ascends, heading through dense forest. Then, the trail traverses across the side of the mountain. You’ll be blown away by the views as the trail begins to more acutely ascend. It’s a steep climb with loose rock underfoot, so be careful. There is even a section with a chain to help you progress.

After a steep climb, you’ll reach a flatter plateau. Unfortunately, upon reaching 950 metres above sea level, we encountered mist and poor visibility. Luckily, we were able to take a few photos with decent visibility before continuing our ascent.

Summit Views From Puig Tomir

Upon reaching Puig Tomir, you should experience splendid views of the Tramuntana mountain range. Personally, when we reached the summit, the mist continued to roll in and out. So, one moment we had breathtaking views, and then the next moment, a complete white-out! We hope you have clear skies and good visibility upon your ascent to Puig Tomir!

After some lunch by the trig point, retrace your steps to Coll de Pedregaret. You’ll then join a section of the multi-day GR221 trail to continue the loop route. The trail gradually descends through the forest, before reaching the main road, which links you back to the Lluc Monastery in Mallorca.

How to Get to Lluc Monastery in Mallorca

It’s possible to get to the Lluc Monastery in Mallorca, for the Puig Tomir hike, by using public transport. If you’re staying in Palma de Mallorca, you’ll have a few options to choose from to get to the Lluc Monastery.

  • 302 bus and 231 bus: from the Intermodal Station in Palma, catch the 25 minute 302 bus to Inca Llevant 1 (27014). Next, from across the road, catch the 45 minute 312 bus from Inca Llevant 2 (27013) to the Lluc Monastery. The total journey time is around 1.5 hours. The cost of the journey is €4.50 ($4.50USD) each way. This option is perhaps the best way to get from Palma de Mallorca to the Lluc Monastery using public transport.
  • 204 bus and 231 bus: from the Intermodal Station in Palma, catch the 35 minute 204 bus to Ma-11 nord (61005). Then, from there, catch the approx. 70 minute 231 bus to Lluc. The total journey time is around 2 hours and 15 minutes. The cost of the journey is €3.60 ($3.60USD) each way. This is the cheapest way to get from Palma de Mallorca to the Lluc Monastery using public transport. But, it’s the most time-consuming.
  • T3 line train and 312 bus: from the Intermodal Station in Palma, catch the 35 minute T3 line train to Estación de tren de Inca. You’ll then walk approx. four minutes to get to Estació d’autobusos (27001). From there, catch the 35 minute 312 bus to Lluc. The total journey time is about 1.5 hours. The cost of the combined train and bus ticket is €4.50 ($4.50USD) each way. This option is one of the quickest public transport options; but, this train/bus route runs infrequently. So, you may find coming back this way problematic.

Hiring a Car

By far, the easiest and quickest way to get to the Lluc Monastery from Palma de Mallorca, for the Puig Tomir hike, is driving there yourself. Usually, the drive time from Palma de Mallorca to the Lluc Monastery is around an hour. It’s also worth mentioning, that outside of the peak season in summer, the buses listed above run less frequently. So, getting to the Lluc Monastery from Palma de Mallorca, outside of peak season, can be quite challenging.

We hired an automatic car using from Palma de Mallorca Airport for only €10/day ($10USD)! Booking a car with was straightforward and stress-free. They also offer an unbeatable free cancellation policy.

FYI – please check Transports de les Illes Balears for the latest information on prices and departure times of buses and trains.

Puig Tomir Route Options

There are a few well-known routes for summiting Puig Tomir in Mallorca. As mentioned, the typical approach is from Lluc Monastery. As shown by our modified route, there are plenty of variations in the typical hike from the Lluc Monastery to Puig Tomir. But, with all of these route options, Puig Tomir is summited from its southwest slope.

The main difference in route options is summiting Puig Tomir from its east ridge. This is possible to do from Lluc Monastery. But, to shorten the Puig Tomir hike via the eastern ridge, most people will start from Menut. Alternatively, it’s possible to hike to Puig Tomir, via its east ridge, by starting on a section of the GR221, next to Torrent de Muntanya, which lies between Lluc and Pollença. From this alternate trailhead, you’ll follow a longer section of the GR221, before and after summiting Puig Major.

FYI we don’t recommend summiting Puig Tomir from its east ridge. In Mallorca, it’s very common for residents to close access to trails on private property. This can make hiking on the island confusing and annoying. We can’t guarantee that you won’t encounter this problem if approaching Puig Tomir from its eastern ridge. To play it safe, just follow the typical route, whichever variation, from the Lluc Monastery, which summits Puig Tomir from its southwest side.

What to Expect When Hiking Puig Tomir

Parking: when you arrive at the Lluc Monastery, you’ll find a huge car park next to it. During the weekends in summer, the monastery can get very busy with visitors. So, the car park may fill. That’s why we recommend arriving early if you visit on the weekend during summer. But, on weekdays, and outside of summer, parking shouldn’t be a problem. The cost of parking varies between locals and tourists. For tourists, as of late 2021, parking is €6 ($6USD) on the weekend and €2 ($2USD) on weekdays.

Difficulty: the Puig Tomir hike is one of the hardest in Mallorca. There’s quite a bit of elevation gain. So, it’s physically demanding. On top of that, the trail terrain is quite challenging when summiting the southwest slope. There’s plenty of loose scree underfoot. At times, you’ll need to hold onto a chain to propel you upwards and onwards. If you’re not an experienced hiker, do the hike with someone experienced. If you’re not in good physical condition, perhaps give this hike a miss. Otherwise, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to complete it. Beck and I did the hike in around six hours and that was with speed hiking on the flats.

Use a map: trail navigation isn’t straightforward during the Puig Tomir hike. Make sure to download our GPS-guided map or take an official map with you.

Tramuntana Mountains

Weather in Mallorca

Mallorca has warm weather for most of the year. From April to October, you’ll experience average daytime temperatures between 19–30°C. In summer, between June and August, it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter any rain. This dry weather is usually great for hiking. But, it can get very hot in summer, making hiking difficult. From November to March, average daytime temperatures vary between 15–19°C. These are much more pleasant temperatures for hiking. But, you’ll have a higher chance of rain. According to NOAA, rainfall is highest between September and January.

Best Time to Hike Puig Tomir

You’ll find trails in the Tramuntana Mountains are generally busier in summer and on the weekend. For a less crowded trail, perhaps visit during the week and outside of summer. Of course, your chances of rain and adverse conditions are higher outside of summer. Although, there’s slightly less rainfall between March and May compared with September to January. Perhaps, it’s best to do the Puig Tomir hike in Mallorca in April or May. This will help to avoid the summer crowds and reduce your chances of wet and wild weather in the mountains.

Accommodation Options Near Lluc Monastery

You’ll find very little in terms of accommodation options in or near the Lluc Monastery in Mallorca. Generally speaking, most people will head to Lluc from Palma de Mallorca or elsewhere on the island as a day trip. But, if you’re wanting to stay in Lluc, there is one hotel option. Santuari de Lluc is a well-known pilgrimage site; but, even if you’re not a religious type, you’ll have a wonderful stay here. On-site, you’ll find an outdoor pool, two bars and a cafe with a children’s playground. The hotel’s architecture is sublime, which adds to its attractiveness.

For the budget traveller, there are two other accommodation options in Lluc. Campament Lluc is a campsite near the monastery. Otherwise, Refugi Son Amer is your next best bet. It’s a simple hostel that offers dorm rooms. Here, you’ll find hikers doing the multi-day GR221 route. Expect the hostel to get busy during the peak season in summer.

Five Hiking Gear Essentials

These are our five gear essentials for hiking in the Tramuntana Mountains. For a longer gear list, check out our 66 Travel Accessories You Must Travel With. Or, for a general summary of everything you’d need for a hiking trip to Mallorca, visit our Ultimate Packing Checklist.

Mallorca Hiking Guide Books

For information about other hiking trails in Mallorca, particularly in the Tramuntana Mountains, we suggest the following books.

Bonus Tips

  • Finding cheap flights to Mallorca: If you’re US or UK based, we recommend signing up for Jack’s Flight Club premium membership. If you do so, you’ll receive regular flight deal alerts. It helped us find very cheap flights from Manchester to Mallorca.
  • There are many beautiful natural attractions in Mallorca. Other than seeing Es Camell on this hike, we found other stunning natural attractions on the Cala Romantica to Cala Varques and Torrent de Pareis walk.
  • Other tours and activities in Mallorca: of course, there’s more to Mallorca than just hiking. Make sure to spend some time chillin’ out at the beach or exploring the exquisite coastline by boat.
Puig Tomir hike pinterest

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