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Mondello Beach From Palermo: The Complete Day Trip Guide

Mondello Beach From Palermo: The Complete Day Trip Guide

Mondello Beach is one of the most popular and highly visited beaches in Sicily, Italy. That’s partly because Mondello Beach is located right next to the capital city of Sicily – Palermo. Indeed, locals and tourists alike frequently visit the white sand Mondello Beach from Palermo. In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about visiting Mondello Beach. We’ll start by talking about the best things to do at the beach. Then, we’ll discuss some of the lovely nature reserves near the beach, including details about Capo Gallo and Monte Pellegrino. We’ll then get into the specifics about how to get to Mondello Beach from Palermo.

We hope you find this guide helpful. To find out more about the best beaches in Sicily, read our guides about Spiaggia San Vito lo Capo, Capo Bianco, Zingaro Nature Reserve and Favignana.

Mondello Beach: An Awesome Day Trip From Palermo

The close proximity of Mondello Beach (Spiaggia di Mondello) to Palermo isn’t the only reason it’s popular. Simply, Mondello Beach is a gorgeous long white sand beach with translucent turquoise water. When it comes to beaches in Sicily, of course, many of them are pebble beaches, or, really, just small coves or bays. That’s where Mondello Beach stands out from the rest. It’s one of the largest white sand beaches in Sicily, making it one of the best beaches on the island. Its closeness to Palermo is certainly a luxury to anyone living there or visiting from abroad.

Soon, we’ll talk about the different ways of getting to Mondello Beach from Palermo. But, first, let us discuss the best things to do at and around the beach.

Dan at Mondello Beach next to Palermo, near Capo Gallo
Mondello Beach in Sicily

What to Do at Mondello Beach During a Palermo Day Trip

Below, we’ll look at the variety of options you have when visiting Mondello Beach from Palermo. We’ll also look at the best nature reserves to visit in the surrounding areas of Mondello – Capo Gallo and Monte Pellegrino.

Mondello Beach Free Access Areas

Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t think there would be too much to consider or to plan when visiting Mondello Beach from Palermo. It’s just a beach after all, how hard could it be? Well, if it’s a beach in Italy, visiting is more complex than you might have realised.

Basically, all beaches in Italy are privately owned by the government. Businesses rent spaces on the beach, turning these spaces into profitable beach clubs (called lidos). To use these spaces, which usually have facilities such as lounge chairs, umbrellas, toilets and showers, you’ll need to pay an entry fee. If it’s a particularly busy beach, you may even need to book in advance. But, by law, each beach has to offer a public section, free of charge to visit.

Mondello Beach operates no differently. There are beach clubs and also free sections of the beach to access. So, what’s best – a beach club or free access areas? Well, it all comes down to personal preference. Although, it’s important to note beach clubs in Sicily only tend to operate in the peak season, usually between May and September. In the off-season, you won’t find these beach clubs present. Personally, Beck and I visited Sicily in late March, so we simply visited the quiet beach, free of charge without any beach clubs set up.

Of course, visiting in the peak season during summer is a completely different story. The small free access areas become overcrowded and unpleasant very quickly as the beach clubs occupy most of the space. Because of this, we recommend considering a beach club if you visit Mondello Beach from Palermo in the peak season.

Dan at Mondello Beach next to Palermo, near Capo Gallo

Mondello Beach Lidos (Beach Clubs)

Using one of the Mondello Beach clubs may be a wise decision, especially if you’re visiting during peak season. After all, paying for access to a lido is all part of the Italian experience! By doing so, you’ll get your own sunbed and personal space (to some degree).

You’ll find a few lidos at the beach, all offering something very similar. Because the lidos weren’t set up when we visited, we can’t recommend one over another. But, expect to pay around €10–15, per person, depending on when you arrive, your length of stay and what amenities and facilities are on offer.

FYI – as to be expected, Mondello Beach sees many visitors from Palermo in the peak season. So, it’s even possible for the lidos to be at full capacity, particularly on the weekends. So, it may be best to book a reservation at a Mondello Beach club in advance, securing tickets online to guarantee a spot.

Mondello Beach Promenade Walk

Other than relaxing on the beach itself, there’s a lovely seafront promenade walk that you can do adjacent to the beach. Given the decent length of the beach, the promenade walk stretches nearly 2km one-way. During the walk, you can explore the quaint Port of Mondello. Indeed, doing the promenade walk is a great way to stretch the legs after chillin’ on the beach. It’s also a great way to suss out the restaurants in the area.

Mondello Restaurants

Mondello is full of restaurants, bars, cafes, gelaterias and other eateries. Because Mondello is a tourist destination, you’ll find some restaurants clearly ripping off tourists. Additionally, the food served at lido’s is often overpriced. So, make sure to explore away from the beach clubs and do a quick little Google search before choosing a place to eat and drink. Will it be gelato, granita, Italian coffee cream or all three?

A restaurant at Mondello Beach next to Palermo, near Capo Gallo
Alle Terrazze is a high-end restaurant in Mondello, Palermo, Sicily

Capo Gallo

Mondello Beach is wedged in between two impressive and well-known mountains. These include Monte Gallo in Riserva Naturale di Capo Gallo (Capo Gallo Nature Reserve) to the north and Monte Pellegrino to the south. Unfortunately, Beck and I didn’t have time to explore Capo Gallo and this is with much regret as the nature reserve looks stunning.

Thankfully, during our visit to Monte Pellegrino, we enjoyed superb views of the magnificent Capo Gallo, towering over Mondello. Certainly, if you have time, definitely visit the Capo Gallo Nature Reserve. You’ll find epic walking trails, viewpoints and hidden bays at Capo Gallo.

Views of Palermo, Mondello Beach and Capo Gallo from Monte Pellegrino
Views of Mondello Beach and Capo Gallo from Monte Pellegrino

Monte Pellegrino

Looming large over Mondello Beach, to the south, the mountain sits 606 metres high, right next to the hustle and bustle of Palermo. As well as visiting Capo Gallo, you should also try and squeeze in a visit to Monte Pellegrino, where you’ll find the famous Santuario di Santa Rosalia, which is a church built inside a cave.

Read more: Monte Pellegrino and Santuario di Santa Rosalia – A Complete Guide

Views from Monte Pellegrino
Views from Monte Pellegrino

How to Get From Palermo to Mondello Beach

Now you know exactly what to do at and around Mondello Beach, let’s look at the best ways to get there from Palermo. There are quite a few options for getting from Palermo to Mondello Beach – let’s look at these below.

Getting a Bus From Palermo to Mondello Beach

It’s possible to get a bus from Palermo to Mondello Beach. From Piazza Don Luigi Sturzo in the Palermo town centre, you can catch the 806 bus to Mondello Beach. The journey takes around 25–50 minutes depending on traffic and usually costs around €1.40 one-way per person. For all of the latest information regarding pricing and timetables, click here. Otherwise, feel free to use Google Maps to plan your journey.

Car Hire and Parking

Hiring a car in Sicily is often a popular choice for tourists. Indeed, it’s possible to drive yourself to the beach.

If you don’t have your own set of wheels, we recommend hiring a car using You’ll find a variety of cars on Rental Cars, which are very easy to book online. Personally, Beck and I picked up our car hire from Catania International Airport. For an automatic car, we only paid around €7 ($7USD) per day!

Although, one of the downsides to driving is parking in Mondello. Because the area is so popular, street parking can be hard to come by. You’ll find blue-lined street parking areas all over Mondello, which requires paying for a ticket. If there isn’t a ticket machine on that street, you’ll need to find a nearby tobacco or convenience store to purchase a ticket. The costs of street parking in Mondello are usually €1 per hour. Otherwise, you’ll find private parking spaces, charging anywhere between €3–10, depending on your length of stay and what time of year you visit.

Getting a Taxi From Palermo to Mondello Beach

If you want the convenience of a private vehicle but don’t want the headache of parking, then consider taking a taxi. From the Palermo town centre, it’ll cost around €25–30 to get a taxi to Mondello Beach. Of course, you’ll need to factor in similar costs for the return journey to Palermo.

Scooter Hire: A Convenient Way of Getting Around

An alternative and increasingly popular option is to hire an electric scooter. From Palermo, it takes around 30–40 minutes to reach Mondello Beach on an electric scooter. Certainly, it’s a cheaper option than a taxi. Additionally, you’ll have the benefit of having the scooter to help you navigate and get around Mondello. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to park them wherever is most convenient for you.

But, given how sketchy the drivers can be in Sicily, riding an electric scooter on the streets may be unsafe if you’re inexperienced with operating them. Also, the rate for hire per hour can be surprisingly expensive.

Overall, catching public transport is the cheapest and one of the easiest ways to get to Mondello Beach from Palermo. It’s our recommended choice of transport, unless you have a hire car, whereby, we just recommend arriving early to guarantee parking.

Other Things to Know Before Visiting Mondello Beach From Palermo

Below, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about visiting Mondello Beach from Palermo.

Dan holds Italian coffee cream
Take away Italian coffee cream on the beach – yes, please!

When Is the Best Time to Visit?

Sicily has hot summers and mild winters. Most visitors will head to Sicily in summer for the hottest weather (35–40°C). But, this coincides with the peak season and its increased prices and crowds. Perhaps, the best time to visit Mondello Beach is on either side of the peak season. During May as well as September, there’s milder weather, cheaper prices for accommodation, less-crowded beaches and the potential that the beach clubs are up and running (if you’d like to experience a lido).

Of course, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference.

How Far Is Mondello Beach From Palermo?

The beach is around 9km from Palermo. Depending on traffic, the drive time can vary from 25 to 50 minutes.

What Is the Mondello to Palermo Taxi Cost?

During the day, a taxi from Palermo to Mondello Beach will cost around €25–30. At night, it’ll cost around €30–35.

What to Wear and Pack

These are our gear essentials for visiting Mondello Beach from Palermo.

For a longer gear list, read our 66 Travel Items You Must Travel With. For a list of everything else you’d need for travelling, read our Packing Checklist.

Bonus Tips

  • Get used to crowded beaches in Sicily during summer: to dodge the crowds, visit outside of peak season.
  • Mondello Beach webcam: if you’re keen to see live footage of the beach, click here.
  • Sightseeing in Palermo: other than doing day trips from Palermo, there are, of course, many great experiences to have in Palermo itself. GetYourGuide offers many brilliant tours in Palermo. The most popular tours include the Hop-on Hop-off Bus, the Street Food and History Walking Tour and the Mafia Walking Tour.

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