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Capo Milazzo: How to Visit the Pool of Venus (Piscina di Venere)

Capo Milazzo: How to Visit the Pool of Venus (Piscina di Venere)

Capo Milazzo is a natural hidden gem on the island of Sicily in Italy. Featuring the Pool of Venus (Piscina di Venere), an extraordinary rock pool, the picturesque promontory and marine protected area (Area Marina Protetta; AMP Capo Milazzo) remains a somewhat unknown quantity to tourists. In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about visiting Capo Milazzo and the breathtaking Pool of Venus.

Visit Capo Milazzo (Cape Milazzo)

Despite its superb natural beauty, Capo Milazzo (AKA Capo di Milazzo) isn’t explored by many tourists. Sure, many people will go to Milazzo Port to catch a ferry to the well-known Aeolian Islands. But, not many people will venture further north of the port to explore the naturally beautiful promontory of Capo Milazzo, which juts out into the Tyrrhenian Sea. Near the northernmost point of Capo Milazzo, you’ll find an outstanding natural attraction called the Pool of Venus (Piscina di Venere, in Italian).

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Capo Milazzo and Pool of Venus (Piscina di Venere AMP Capo Milazzo)

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Pool of Venus (AKA Piscina di Venere AMP Capo Milazzo)

The Pool of Venus is a genuinely amazing natural rock pool found at Capo Milazzo, Sicily. By doing a short walk, you can easily reach the spectacular Pool of Venus. In the process, you’ll pass by some other worthwhile attractions at the northern tip of Capo Milazzo.

Before we talk about this walk in more detail, let’s look at exactly where the Pool of Venus and Capo Milazzo is located in Sicily.

Beck and Dan at the Pool of Venus (Piscina di Venere AMP Capo Milazzo)
Pool of Venus (AKA Piscina di Venere AMP Capo Milazzo)

Where Is Capo Milazzo in Sicily?

Capo Milazzo is located on the northeast coast of Sicily, near Messina. To help you get your bearings, feel free to click on the image below to access an interactive map on Google Maps.

A map

Exploring Capo Milazzo By Foot

Basically, there are two main Capo Milazzo walking routes, which involve visiting the Pool of Venus. The simplest option is an easy 2.2km out and back walk from the main Capo Milazzo parking area. Personally, Beck and I did a slightly longer 2.9km circular walk, also starting from the main parking area, which involved exploring more of the coastline. Unexpectedly, when completing the circular route, we did arrive at a fence, which, was easy enough to jump. But, because of this, we suspect that the circular walk isn’t an official route option.

If you want to stick to the official path, then we recommend doing the out and back walk. If you want to explore more of the coast and don’t mind the moral dilemma, then we recommend the circular walk. Perhaps, if we had known about the fence, we would have simply completed the out and back route. But, as we had no idea before setting off, we had to make do with jumping a small fence during the circular route. That’s the walk we’ll describe below.

From near the main parking area, we briefly followed the road, before descending a paved ramp. The ramp soon transitioned into a fairly overgrown dusty trail following alongside and adjacent to the water. Along this trail, we enjoyed stellar views of the Capo Milazzo coastline. Soon, we arrived at a sand-free pebble beach. After briefly walking along the beach, the trail ascends, before arriving at Torre del Palombaro (Palombaro Tower). We explored the ruins of the old watchtower.

After scoping out the old watchtower, we joined a sharply ascending trail, which eventually joined the official path. This trail eventually leads you down a series of steps, guiding you to the stunning Pool of Venus.

Reaching the Awesome Pool of Venus

Undoubtedly, the Pool of Venus is the highlight of the walk around Capo Milazzo. The gorgeous natural rock pool makes for the perfect place to swim in the heat of summer. Around the corner from the Pool of Venus, you’ll find some side trails, leading to other areas of the coast, where you’ll find other viewpoints and even monuments.

The Pool of Venus (Piscina di Venere AMP Capo Milazzo)
The Pool of Venus (Piscina di Venere AMP Capo Milazzo)
Pool of Venus (AKA Piscina di Venere AMP Capo Milazzo)

Once you’ve explored the Pool of Venus, it’s time to return to the parking area. Walking by wildflowers, cacti and olive trees, you’ll soon pass near Faro di Capo Milazzo (Capo Milazzo Lighthouse). Near the parking area, you’ll find another attraction. Santuario Sant’Antonio di Capo Milazzo (AKA Chiesa di S. Antonio) is a small church built inside a cave, which is free to enter. Certainly, it’s very reminiscent of Santuario di Santa Rosalia on Monte Pellegrino.

After seeing the church, you’ll simply return to the parking area to complete the walk.

Where to Visit Nearby in Milazzo

Other than Capo Milazzo and the Pool of Venus, there are other places to see and things to do in Milazzo, Sicily. In particular, there are two other main attractions on the promontory. Let’s have a look at these attractions below.

Piscina di Venere AMP Capo Milazzo
Pool of Venus (AKA Piscina di Venere AMP Capo Milazzo)

Castle of Milazzo and the MuMa Museo del Mare

The medieval-walled Milazzo old town is home to the impressive Castle of Milazzo (Castello di Milazzo). It’s an acropolis that was built on top of ruins that date back to the Neolithic era. It’s actually the largest fortified citadel in Sicily.

Indeed, wandering along the defensive towers and bastions is a fantastic way to experience more of Capo Milazzo. At the castle, you’ll also find MuMa Museo del Mare (Museum of the Sea). It’s an interactive museum with science-based installations. If you want to learn more about the area, we highly recommend visiting.

Planeta’s La Baronia

La Baronia is a well-known seaside Milazzo winery owned by the wine-making Planeta family. The family owns five estates in Sicily, but, perhaps, La Baronia is the most beautifully located. The winery is well-known for two main wines – Mamertino and Nocer. Indeed, if time allows, stop in at this awesome winery on Capo Milazzo.

How to Get to Capo Milazzo

The easiest and quickest way to get to Capo Milazzo is to drive there yourself. Thankfully, you’ll find free parking in the main parking area.

If you don’t have your own set of wheels, we recommend hiring a car. Personally, Beck and I picked up our car hire from Catania International Airport. For an automatic car, we only paid around €7 ($7USD) per day!

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It’s also possible to get to Capo Milazzo using public transport. Although, it’s less straightforward. Basically, it’s simple enough to reach Milazzo, by getting a train from Messina or from Catania via Messina. We recommend using Trainline to reliably book train tickets in advance. Once you get to Milazzo, you’ll have to rely on the local AST bus to get you up to Capo Milazzo. The latest timetable can be found here.

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What to Wear and Pack

These are our gear essentials for hiking at Capo Milazzo and swimming in the Pool of Venus.

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Bonus Tips and Things to Do

  • Day trip from Messina: if you’re thinking of visiting Capo Milazzo on a day trip, it’s best to do so from Messina. You’re looking at an extremely long day trip if visiting from Catania.
  • Other natural protected areas in Sicily: the Egadi Islands is another beautiful area that’s naturally protected. We highly recommend visiting Favignana, which is the largest of the Egadi Islands and is home to many spectacular beaches.
  • Aeolian Islands: after exploring Capo Milazzo, will you head to the Aeolian Islands? To reach these islands, you’ll need to first head to Milazzo. So, it makes sense to visit these islands whilst being in the area. Of course, one of the most popular activities in the Aeolian Islands is the Sunset Trekking Tour at Sciara del Fuoco on Stromboli.

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