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Camel Rock, Bermagui: The Complete Visitor’s Guide (2024)

Camel Rock, Bermagui: The Complete Visitor’s Guide (2024)

Camel Rock is an extraordinary ancient rock formation near Bermagui in New South Wales. Often overshadowed by the nearby Horse Head Rock, Camel Rock is an incredible coastal landform in its own right. In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about visiting this epic rock formation.

About Camel Rock

The spectacular Camel Rock is a popular scenic attraction along the South Coast of NSW. Sure, the natural beauty of the landmark is awe-inspiring and is often the main reason people visit. But, it’s the fascinating Camel Rock facts, which are truly mindblowing.

Essentially, the Camel Rock landform is made of folded 470 million year old turbidite beds. These formations are a type of sedimentary rock with a sandstone base, that were created by underwater avalanches around 450 million years ago. Honestly speaking, we think this information is absolutely astonishing. Truly, the underlying geological process and interesting ancient history are just another reason to visit this beautiful attraction!

So, exactly where is this landmark located?

Dan looks at Camel Rock in Bermagui, NSW

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Where Is Camel Rock?

Camel Rock is located in Wallaga Lake, between Bermagui and Narooma on the South Coast of New South Wales. Specifically, the rock formation is found on Camel Rock Beach (AKA Camel Rock Surf Beach). To help get your bearings, please click on the image below to access an interactive map of the location on Google Maps.

A screenshot of a map showing the location of Nethercote Falls

How to Visit Camel Rock

Thankfully, visiting Camel Rock is easy and straightforward. You’ll just need to get to Camel Rock Beach!

Stay in Bermagui

Camel Rock Beach

At the northern end of the beach, you’ll find the incredible Camel Rock. After finding parking at the northern end of Wallaga Lake Road (AKA the Camel Rock Beach Car Park), you can follow a short trail to a viewing platform. From the viewing area, you’ll enjoy excellent views of the rock formation as well as stunning panoramic ocean views.

Of course, we recommend going onto the beach itself to get up, close and personal with the rock formation. Although, at high tide, access to the base of the rock is limited as it’s submerged in the ocean. But, you can still walk along the beach and get much closer to the landform for a better look.

Other than being famous for the ancient rock formation, Camel Rock Surf Beach is also well known for its excellent surfing, snorkelling and fishing. You’ll find the beach is patrolled during the summer months. So, it’s a popular place to visit for a swim and a day out at the beach.

FYI – the beach is well protected from north easterly winds. This is a typical sea breeze experienced in this part of the world, especially during summer.

Camel Rock Beach

Camel Rock

By accessing the beach, you can get much closer to the mesmerising rock formation. Just a few minutes of walking on the sand and you’ll arrive at the magnificent landform. Indeed, the resemblance of a camel is uncanny!

Personally, Beck and I timed our visit during low tide, so that we could get closer to the rock formation. We also planned to walk to Horse Head Rock afterwards, which you can only do during low tide. During our visit, low tide timed with early morning, so that’s when we visited.

Early morning is a good time to visit as there will be fewer people around. But, photography of Camel Rock is better in the afternoon or at sunset as you won’t have to battle the sun as much.

Camel Rock is positioned in the water at the beach

Facilities and Amenities

During our visit to Camel Rock in 2020, there wasn’t much in the way of facilities or amenities. But, apparently, there are now public toilets in the area as well as a picnic area set amongst large trees in the surrounding bushland.

At the northern end of Wallaga Lake Road, there is a spacious parking area with ample space for vehicles. Otherwise, there is a large wooden viewing platform with a sitting area.

Camel Rock is positioned in the water at the beach

Accessibility at Camel Rock

The short trail from the car park to the viewing platform is wheelchair accessible. The road and trail itself are unsealed yet flat and even. Additionally, it’s only around 20–30 metres from the parking area to the viewing platform. So, it should be manageable for most people using a wheelchair.

What’s Near Camel Rock?

Close to Camel Rock, you’ll find the equally impressive and even more well-known Horse Head Rock. Otherwise, you can do a scenic walk from Camel Rock to Murunna Point. The beautiful headland at Murunna Point is a significant Aboriginal place, where you’ll enjoy glorious coastal views.

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Beck at another prominent landform nearby

How to Get to Camel Rock

The easiest way to get to Camel Rock is to drive there as there is no direct public transport access to the beach. If you don’t have a car, we recommend hiring one for the day or for your South Coast NSW road trip.

Just so you know, Wallaga Lake Road is an unsealed dirt road. But, it’s flat, even and usually in good condition. Personally, Beck and I managed to drive a 2WD safely and soundly along this road.

In terms of public transport, you can get a bus to Wallaga Lake and then walk to the attraction. But, depending on where you’re travelling from, this could be a long and tedious journey. Indeed, it’s best to drive yourself, if possible.

Car Hire

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Where to Stay Nearby

Most people visit on a road trip from Sydney or Canberra. The closest sizeable towns to Camel Rock, with a variety of accommodation options, include the beautiful coastal towns of Bermagui and Narooma. Certainly, you’ll find a pleasant place to stay at either of these places.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for camping near Camel Rock, or, just the closest accommodation to the attraction, we highly recommend staying at the popular Big4 Wallaga Lake Holiday Park.

Stay at Big4 Wallaga Lake Holiday Park

Big4 Wallaga Lake Holiday Park
  • Conveniently located near Camel Rock
  • Beautiful setting on Wallaga Lake Reserve
  • Camel Rock Brewery and Restaraunt on-site

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We hope you enjoyed our ​​​​​​​Camel Rock NSW guide. Please leave us a comment below.

We acknowledge and respect the First Nations people as the Traditional Custodians of the land/water that we visited and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

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Dan is a travel blogger, physiotherapist, hiker, natural wonder seeker and world traveller. He loves writing travel guides to help his readers explore the most beautiful destinations in the world.

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