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6 Best Blue Mountains Day Tours From Sydney (2024)

6 Best Blue Mountains Day Tours From Sydney (2024)

The Blue Mountains stand as Sydney’s premier day tour destination. After all, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains is one of the most breathtaking areas in Australia, boasting captivating natural scenery and diverse attractions and activities. From Sydney, there are loads of excellent day tours to the Blue Mountains. In this article, we’ll narrow down the options, revealing the six best Blue Mountains day tours from Sydney. So, if you’re staying in Sydney, and are interested in doing a day tour of the beautiful Blue Mountains, you’ve found the right article.

Blue Mountains Day Tours From Sydney

Featuring dramatic sandstone cliffs, dense eucalyptus forests and huge cascading waterfalls, the Blue Mountains has a gorgeous natural landscape. Better yet, the Blue Mountains has excellent infrastructure and is well set up for tourism. So, there are many excellent activities on offer to enjoy the spectacular scenery. For sure, one of the best ways to enjoy these activities and experience the beauty of the area is by doing a Blue Mountains day tour.

Of course, there are so many Blue Mountains tours from Sydney to choose from. In this article, we’ve specifically hand-chosen the six best tours to the Blue Mountains departing from Sydney. Never mind researching for hours and hours to find the best tour options – we’ve done all the hard work for you. So, you can simply book the tour and enjoy your day experiencing the enchanting Blue Mountains.

Quick Pick: Top 3 Blue Mountains Tours From Sydney

Don’t have the luxury of time to read this entire article? No worries! Below, you’ll find the three best Blue Mountains tours from Sydney.

The Best Blue Mountains Day Tours From Sydney

Without further ado, let’s look at the six best Blue Mountains day tours from Sydney. We’ll run through what to expect on each of these tours, including the highlights and why it may be a good choice for you.

1. All-Inclusive Blue Mountains Day Tour

This all-inclusive small group option is the best day tour to the Blue Mountains from Sydney. You’ll begin with a guided entry to Scenic World, where a rainforest boardwalk awaits exploration amidst towering trees and breathtaking vistas. During your cableway, railway and skyway rides at Scenic World, which are included in the price of the tour, you’ll marvel at iconic sites such as the Three Sisters rock formation. During the day, you’ll also make quick stops at other stunning lookouts, such as Cahill’s Lookout.

You’ll then be indulging in a tasty lunch where gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options are available. Meals are not often included in the price of Blue Mountains tours from Sydney. That’s certainly one of the main drawcards of doing this tour.

In the afternoon, you’ll cap off your unforgettable day with a visit to either Featherdale Wildlife Park or Sydney Zoo to see native Australian animals such as kangaroos, koalas and wombats. Finally, this Blue Mountains day tour includes a Parramatta River Cruise, exploring the stunning Sydney Harbour, and rounding out a memorable day.

Click here to book this all-inclusive Blue Mountains day tour from Sydney.

Best Blue Mountains Day Tour

People look out of a scenic railway train
  • Scenic World: Cableway, Railway and Skyway
  • Guided rainforest walk
  • Lunch with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options
A scenic railway ride at Scenic World is a popular activity in most Blue Mountains day tours from Sydney
A rock formation called the Three Sisters is a popular stop on most Blue Mountains day tours from Sydney
Beck at a lookout viewing forest

Click here to book this tour on Viator.

2. Blue Mountains Day Tour

Hands down, this is the most popular Blue Mountains tour from Sydney. Essentially, it’s nearly identical to the All-Inclusive Blue Mountains Day Tour from Sydney. The main difference is that lunch isn’t included. That’s why this Blue Mountains day tour is cheaper than the all-inclusive option.

Certainly, this tour’s price point is one of the main reasons it’s the most popular day tour option from Sydney. So, if you’re happy to pack your own lunch or pay for it on the day, this is the tour for you.

Similar to the all-inclusive option, the main highlight of this tour is the guided entry to Scenic World, which includes rides on the spectacular cableway, railway and skyway. For sure, it’s one of the best ways to see the magical Three Sisters and Mount Solitary.

On this tour, you’ll also meet some friendly Australian natives at Featherdale Wildlife Park and enjoy a ferry cruise on the Sydney Harbour. In addition, on this tour, you’ll visit the pretty village of Leura, which is filled with lovely cafes, eateries and independent stores.

Click here to book this Blue Mountains day tour from Sydney.

Best Budget Blue Mountains Day Tour

People lining up and walking down stairs at Scenic World in Blue Mountains
  • Scenic World: Cableway, Railway and Skyway
  • Admission to Featherdale Wildlife Park
  • Explore Leura Village
A rock formation called The Three Sisters is a popular site to see on most Blue Mountains day tours from Sydney
A cable car ride at Scenic World is a popular activity in most Blue Mountains day tours from Sydney
The town of Leura is a stop on some Blue Mountains day tours from Sydney

Click here to book this tour on Viator.

Whether you choose the all-inclusive option or not, both of these tours are the best all-round tour options for first-time visitors.

The next three options offer something more unique and adventurous than the typical Blue Mountains tour. If you like bushwalking, chasing waterfalls, photography or exploring glow worm caves, you may consider one of the following tour options.

3. Blue Mountains Afternoon and Sunset Tour

Beyond the typical tours of the Blue Mountains, the next most popular option is a sunset tour. By doing this Blue Mountains Afternoon and Sunset Tour from Sydney, you can immerse yourself in the Blue Mountains landscape during the spectacular golden hour. Undoubtedly, the beauty of the Blue Mountains goes to a whole different level at sunset – a total dream for nature photographers.

Other than offering photography opportunities, you’ll also get the chance to do some bushwalking. This will allow you to enjoy sensational viewpoints overlooking Wentworth Falls. As is the case for most Blue Mountains tours, you’ll also visit the iconic Three Sisters. So, you’ll get to explore the vast expanse of Jamison Valley, with its imposing landmarks such as Mount Solitary, the Ruined Castle and the Narrow Neck Plateau. For sure, you’ll experience the unparalleled beauty and diversity of the Blue Mountains at a magical time of the day.

Because the tour takes place in the afternoon and early evening, you’ll visit these famous attractions without the crowds. It’s definitely a major upside to doing this tour (and you’ll get a sleep-in).

Click here to book this Afternoon and Sunset Tour.

Best Tour For Nature Lovers and Photographers

The sun shines brighly above the horizontal line
  • Visit the Three Sisters and Wentworth Falls
  • Watch a glorious sunset
  • Avoid the crowds
The sun is shining just above the horizon line above the Blue Mountains
The sun is low and piercing through a partly cloudy sky over Grose Valley
Beck and Dan enjoys views across Jamison Valley, a stop that is usually included on Blue Mountains day tours from Sydney

Click here to book this tour on Viator.

4. Blue Mountains Bushwalking and Waterfalls Tour

Another memorable trip to the Blue Mountains from Sydney is the Bushwalking and Waterfalls Tour. If you like exploring the great outdoors, hiking and exploring waterfalls, this is an excellent tour for you.

On this small-group tour, you’ll travel in comfort in a minivan, before embarking on a captivating 90-minute waterfall walk, which follows a trail called Wentworth Pass. This walk explores more of the mesmerising Wentworth Falls, than the Afternoon and Sunset Tour. So, you’ll actually get to hike to the base of the waterfall – a moment you’ll never forget. And, just like most of the other tours, you’ll also take in the majestic sight of the Three Sisters and the panoramic valley vistas of Jamison Valley from Echo Point.

For sure, one of the upsides of this tour is that a picnic lunch is included. On top of that, your guide will teach you about the native flora and fauna that call this remarkable region home, learning about their unique adaptations and ecological significance.

In the afternoon, before you head back to Sydney, you’ll explore areas off the beaten track such as Lincoln’s Rock.

Click here to book this Bushwalking and Waterfalls Tour.

Best Tour For Hikers and Waterfall Chasers

A waterfall
  • Hike to the base of Wentworth Falls
  • Picnic lunch is included
  • Explore nature off the beaten track
Beck and Dan on a incredibly large white rock creates a huge platform for extraordinary views of the surrounding dry eucalyptus filled valleys.

5. Blue Mountains Glow Worm Tour

This Glow Worm Tour is one of the most unique Blue Mountains tours from Sydney. It’ll commence with a convenient nighttime pick-up from your Sydney accommodation. In a comfortable 4WD, you’ll embark on an extraordinary journey to reach an astonishing glow worm colony at Devil’s Hole Creek Reserve in the heart of the Blue Mountains. This exhilarating adventure involves a guided evening bushwalk through the forest, where you’ll be equipped with headlights.

As you trek through the twilight, the path leads you to a captivating cave with a waterfall, where glow worms illuminate the darkness. You’ll very likely catch glimpses of other local wildlife as you traverse to and from the cave, adding to the thrill of the tour. For sure, this special tour will leave you with memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Click here to book this Glow Worm Tour.

Best Tour to See Glow Worms in the Blue Mountains

Glow worms
  • Explore a colony of glow worms
  • All equipment provided
  • Roundtrip transportation included
A person kneeling shines a torch on glow worms

Click here to book this tour on Viator.

The Best Private Blue Mountains Tours From Sydney

To round out the best six Blue Mountains tours from Sydney, we’re going to look at private tour options. Certainly, it can be cheaper to book a private tour if you’re travelling in a large group. Otherwise, if you simply want to have more time to explore at your own pace, doing a private tour may be much more enjoyable.

6. All-Inclusive Private Blue Mountains Day Tour

An all-inclusive private Blue Mountains day tour from Sydney will usually follow the same itinerary as the All-Inclusive Blue Mountains Group Tour from Sydney. So, that means you’ll visit the main attractions, such as Scenic World, where you’ll enjoy scenic rides and views of the Three Sisters. You’ll also visit breathtaking lookouts at Wentworth Falls. In addition, your visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park and river cruise around the Sydney Harbour is included in the tour.

Of course, the difference is that it’s a private tour, so you can take your time exploring these fantastic Blue Mountains attractions without feeling rushed.

Click here to book this all-inclusive private Blue Mountains day tour from Sydney.

Excellent Private Blue Mountains Day Tour From Sydney

People look through cable car to enoy views of the Blue Mountains
  • Scenic World: Cableway, Railway and Skyway
  • Admission to Featherdale Wildlife Park
  • River cruise on the Sydney Harbour
People queuing at Scenic World – a typical stop of Blue Mountains tours from Sydney
The scenic world car cable is a popular activity for most Blue Mountains tours from Sydney
The views of Jamison Valley from the Wentworth Falls Lookout in the Blue Mountains

There are loads of private tour options on Viator. Click here to review your private tour options.

Booking a Blue Mountains Tour From Sydney

So, there you have it – the six best Blue Mountains tours from Sydney. For more information about current prices, availability, itineraries, inclusions, exclusions and details such as the meeting point (which is usually around Darling Harbour), we recommend heading straight to the respective tour booking pages on GetYourGuide or Viator. We’ve provided links to these booking pages throughout the guide. Otherwise, feel free to click on the buttons below.

Other Blue Mountains Tours

Some of the best Blue Mountains tours don’t actually start from Sydney. Of course, if you’re based in Sydney during your trip to Australia, then tours starting from the city are the most convenient. But, if you plan on staying in the Blue Mountains, there are other excellent tour options to consider starting in the area itself. Below, we’ll look at three of the best tours in the area starting from the Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains Explorer Bus

The Blue Mountains Explorer Hop On Hop Off Bus is the most budget-friendly tour option for exploring the Blue Mountains. You’ll simply pay for a full-day bus pass, which means you can do a self-guided tour of the area. But, you won’t be totally left to your own devices. You’ll be given a guidebook featuring maps and walking routes, so you’ll have all the tools you need to navigate and uncover the treasures of the Blue Mountains with ease.

Undoubtedly, the Hop On Hop Off Bus is a great way to experience the Blue Mountains at your leisure. The convenient unlimited use of the Explorer Bus for a day means you can truly immerse yourself in the region’s natural beauty at your own pace. Best of all, you can do exactly what you want to do. You can discover the main attractions in the Blue Mountains, such as the iconic sights in Katoomba like the Three Sisters and Scenic World. Or, you can explore off the beaten track – chasing waterfalls or doing bushwalks to discover hidden delights in quieter areas.

Click here to book the Blue Mountains Hop On Hop Off Explorer Bus.

FYI – one of the most popular options is the Blue Mountains Hop On Hop Off Explorer Bus and Scenic World Pass. This is a great option if you plan on using the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus and plan on visiting Scenic World.

Best Blue Mountains Bus Tour

A store seeling bus tours in the Blue Mountains
The Blue Mountains Explorer bus
Beck walks at a lookout called Olympian Rock
Small cascades called Leura Cascades

Empress Falls Canyoning Tour

For an unforgettable adventure in the Blue Mountains, consider booking a guided abseiling and canyon tour of Empress Falls.

You’ll spend the first half of the day mastering abseiling techniques, starting with smaller cliffs and progressing to more challenging ones. You’ll then enjoy a delicious lunch, which is included in the price of the tour. After that, you’ll trek to the entrance of Empress Canyon, where you’ll wade through creeks and leap into rock pools. The exhilarating experience continues with thrilling water jumps and swims before abseiling out of the canyon and into the inviting rock pool at the base of Empress Falls.

Click here to book this Empress Falls Canyoning Tour on Viator. FYI – GetYourGuide doesn’t offer this tour.

Best Canyoning Tour in the Blue Mountains

Person canyoning down Empress Falls
  • Guided introductory abseil for beginners
  • All equipment provided
  • Abseil down one of the Blue Mountains’ best waterfalls
A large waterfall called Empress Falls

Blue Mountains Stargazing Tour

Last but not least, the Blue Mountains Stargazing Tour is one of the most popular tours in the area that’s off the tourist trail.

During this 90 minute night-time tour, you’ll experience the awe-inspiring Southern Hemisphere night sky from Wentworth Falls. There’s no wonder this stargazing adventure is highly rated given it’s led by an astrophysicist, boasting over a decade of expertise. You’ll learn to recognize constellations using only your eyes and discover the intricacies of operating a professional-grade telescope. Depending on the evening and season, you can marvel at celestial wonders such as lunar craters, Mars, Venus, Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s moons, the Orion Nebula, and more.

Click here to book this Stargazing Tour.

Best Stargazing Tour in the Blue Mountains

Person looks into telescope
  • Professional grade telescope and binoculars
  • Wheelchair and pram-friendly tour
  • Hot chocolate included
A group gathered on a Blue Mountains stargazing tour from Sydney

Click here to book this tour on Viator.

Things to Know About Blue Mountains Tours From Sydney

Before booking a tour, it’s worth knowing a few insider tips, to guarantee that you book the tour that best suits your needs.

Tours Visiting Wildlife Parks or Zoos

You’ll notice most Blue Mountains day tours from Sydney include visiting major attractions such as Scenic World, Echo Point and Wentworth Falls. This is perfect for the first-time visitor, as it ensures you see the main sites in the Blue Mountains.

But, you’ll find that most of these tours also include stops at places that aren’t even in the Blue Mountains – most typically Featherdale Wildlife Park (or Sydney Zoo) and a Parramatta river cruise. This is to ensure the tour is well-rounded with evenly distributed stops and activities. Other than just experiencing the Blue Mountains, you’ll experience some of the best activities and attractions in Sydney.

Of course, if you only want to explore the Blue Mountains and aren’t fussed about seeing other attractions in Sydney, consider choosing a tour without the stops at the wildlife park, zoo or river cruise. That way, you’ll maximise your time in the Blue Mountains.

Jenolan Caves Tours

Undoubtedly, the Jenolan Caves is one of the most spectacular areas in the Greater Blue Mountains. But, many first-time visitors don’t know that the Jenolan Caves aren’t located in the Blue Mountains National Park. Yes, the Jenolan Caves are located in the Greater Blue Mountains area (map). But, they’re located much further away from Sydney, in the Central Tablelands region, which is west of the main Blue Mountains area and closer to the remote Kanangra-Boyd National Park.

With this said, if you’re a first-time visitor to the Blue Mountains, then we don’t recommend choosing a Jenolan Caves Tour. That’s because, during this tour, you’ll only spend a short time in the Blue Mountains National Park, en route to Jenolan Caves. If you want to explore the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves, we recommend doing a day tour for each or even consider a multi-day tour visiting both areas.

Click here for more information about a Jenolan Caves Tour.

Tours With Bushwalking

For the first-time visitor to Sydney, or Australia for that matter, there is literally so much to do and see. With the precious time that you have, why choose to visit the Blue Mountains? Well, simply, the Blue Mountains National Park is one of the most beautiful areas near Sydney. It’s no coincidence that it’s the most visited national park in Australia nor that it’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you’re staying in Sydney, you’re right on the doorstep of one of the most incredible landscapes in Australia. So, it would be rude not to visit!

A mountain called Mount Solitary

Best Time of Year to Visit the Blue Mountains

The best time to visit the Blue Mountains is during Spring (September to November) or Autumn (March to May). That’s because these periods offer milder temperatures, clear skies and beautiful greenery. Summer (December to February) can be quite hot, while winter (June to August) can get surprisingly cold with occasional snowfall.

Of course, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. Each season brings a different yet equally epic vibe to the Blue Mountains. So, you’ll have a great time in the area any time of year.

A sun shines above the horizon line

Blue Mountains Day Trip By Car

To be honest, Beck and I usually explore the Blue Mountains by car and highly recommend doing that too if you get the chance. That way, you’ll have the ultimate freedom and flexibility to explore the area at your own pace. It also means you can easily get off the tourist trail and explore areas off the beaten track. Make sure to read our Blue Mountains guides for ideas of places to visit. Otherwise, we’ve written an epic guide on how to explore the Blue Mountains independently.

Read more: Blue Mountains 3 Day Itinerary – Perfect For Hikers and Adventurers

Dan stands on Hanging Rock in the Blue Mountains
Hanging Rock
Dan stands underneath a waterfall
Victoria Falls

Read about the best Blue Mountains accommodation


Below, we’ll answer some of the commonly asked questions about Blue Mountains tours from Sydney.

How Long Does It Take to Get to the Blue Mountains From Sydney?

It takes around two hours to drive.

Who Should Take a Guided Blue Mountains Tour?

If you’re a first-time visitor and don’t have a car, a tour is a perfect way to explore the area.

What Types of Blue Mountains Tours Are Available?

As you can see from this guide, there are many different tours available.

There are standard tours, which visit major attractions such as Scenic World and the Three Sisters in Katoomba. These tours also visit other attractions in Sydney, providing a well-rounded experience. For sure, these tours are the most popular for first-time visitors.

Otherwise, there are plenty of adventurous and unique tours, involving visiting at sunset, chasing waterfalls, bushwalking, exploring glow worms, canyoning and stargazing. Most of these tours aren’t quite as popular yet they’re equally enjoyable. Often, these tours focussing on specific outdoor activities such as bushwalking or canyoning don’t include Sydney attractions in the itinerary, so you can maximise your time in the Blue Mountains.

Also, you’ll find there are group and private tour options as well as day tour and multi-day tour options.

Are There Multi-Day Tours in the Blue Mountains?

Yes, there are multi-day options, such as this Blue Mountains 2 Day Tour. Truth be told, day tours are much more popular. But, if you want to explore as much of the area as possible, then you may want to consider a multi-day tour.

How Long Do Blue Mountains Tours Usually Last For?

They usually last for 9–10 hours, taking the whole day.

What’s the Main Difference Between Small Group Tours and Large Bus Tours?

There are many differences between small-group and large-group tours. The small group tours tend to be more intimate, where you’ll enjoy more one-on-one time with your guide and generally more comfort throughout the day. Of course, the small group tours tend to be pricier.

What Attractions Are Usually Included in Blue Mountains Tours?

On most standard day tours, there are three main elements. This includes visiting a wildlife park or zoo in Sydney, doing a river cruise in Sydney and, of course, visiting major attractions in the Blue Mountains. The stops in the Blue Mountains are usually at Katoomba to visit Scenic World and Echo Point and either Leura or Wentworth Falls.

Are Meals Usually Included In Blue Mountains Tours?

Most day tours don’t include the price of a meal. Make sure to check the inclusion of the tour before you book to find out if a meal is included.

Do You Need to Book Blue Mountains Tours In Advance?

Most standard day tours don’t need to be booked too far in advance. For more unique tours, such as the Glow Worm Tour or Empress Falls Canyoning Tour, there may be less availability or departure dates, so it’s sensible to book days or weeks in advance to ensure a spot.

How Many Days Do You Need in the Blue Mountains?

This really depends on how much of the Blue Mountains you want to explore. Beck and I have spent weeks and weeks in the area and there is still so much we haven’t seen. Of course, if you don’t have much time in Sydney, a day tour is more than enough to get a taste of the area. But, if you want to dive a little deeper into the sites and attractions, we recommend visiting for at least three days.

What Is the Best Way to Spend a Day in the Blue Mountains?

This comes down to personal preference and circumstances. If you’re a first-time visitor to Sydney, don’t have much time and don’t have a car, a day tour is the perfect way to see and experience the Blue Mountains. But, if you have more time on your hands, perhaps exploring independently by bus, train or car, is better, as you can explore at your own pace and choose exactly what you want to do.

Are the Blue Mountains a Good Place For Tourists?

Yes, the Blue Mountains are an excellent destination for tourists to visit. The area is close to Sydney, while it’s a great way to experience the beauty of Australia’s bushland.

Is A Day Tour to the Blue Mountains Worth It?

Yes, absolutely. Just make sure to read about the inclusions and itineraries of each tour to ensure you choose one exactly to your liking.

Interested in doing other tours from Sydney during your trip to Australia? Why not head to the Hunter Valley? You’ll find plenty of great Hunter Valley tours on Viator.

We acknowledge and respect the First Nations people as the Traditional Custodians of the land/water that we visited and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

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