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Ben A’an: The Ultimate Walking Guide (2024)

Ben A’an: The Ultimate Walking Guide (2024)

Ben A’an is one of the most famous small hills in Scotland. Known as the mountain in miniature, Ben A’an doesn’t even qualify for Munro, Corbett, Graham or even Marilyn status. But, take nothing away from this magnificent landform. Despite technically only being a hill, Ben A’an is easily recognisable from a distance, standing prominently in the Trossachs landscape. Whilst, the views of the surrounding lochs from the summit are simply superb.

In this guide, we’re going to provide all of the relevant information about doing the Ben A’an Walk.

About Ben A’an

At 461 metres above sea level, Ben A’an is an impressive hill in the southern highlands of Scotland. Located in between Loch Katrine and Loch Achray, the summit of this peak provides stellar views of the surrounding lochs. Indeed, given the awesome views on offer, the Ben A’an Walk is one of the most popular in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.

So, exactly where is Ben A’an located?

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Dan looks at Loch Katrine from Ben A'an
Views of Loch Katrine

Where Is Ben A’an?

Ben A’an is located in the heart of the Trossachs. The hill falls in both the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park and the Great Trossachs Forest National Nature Reserve which are both prominent areas in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. To help get your bearings, please click on the image below to access an interactive map of the area.

A screenshot a map showing where Ben A'an is located.

Ben A’an: Statistics

Below, you’ll find trail specs for the Ben A’an Walk.

  • Type: Out & Back
  • Distance: 3.6km (2.5 miles)
  • Time: 2.5–3.5 hours
  • Accumulated elevation gain: 340m
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Trailhead: Ben A’an Car Park

Ben A’an Maps (GPS and OS)

Personally, Beck and I used a GPS-guided map (linked below) to help us navigate the route as the walk isn’t waymarked. Although, trail navigation is very simple and straightforward. From start to finish, you’ll mostly follow a well-defined path.

A screenshot a map showing The Ben A'an walking route.

Ben A’an: Terrain and Profile

A well-maintained path guides you from start to finish. Although, with around 340 metres of accumulated elevation gain, over approx. 1.8km from the car park to the summit, the Ben A’an Walk is very steep.

Elevation profile for the Ben A'an Walk.

Ben A’an: Walk Description

Below, we’ll briefly describe the Ben A’an Walk. Here, our intention isn’t to thoroughly explain the walk step-by-step. Rather, our aim here is to give you a snappy overview of the walk. Whilst doing so, we’ll reveal highlights of the walk, showing you some awesome photos of the scenery on offer.

Where to Start: Ben A’an Car Park

From the Ben A’an Car Park, you’ll cross the A821 road to commence the steep climb. Early on, you’ll begin to enjoy views of Loch Achray and Tigh Mor Trossachs – a luxury castle apartment-style accommodation. You’ll also walk alongside a quaint stream called Allt Inneir to your right.

Dan walks away from Loch Achray

Climbing Ben A’an

Eventually, you’ll reach an apex, where the trail briefly flattens and reveals marvellous views of Ben A’an in the distance. Surrounded by a luscious green forest, the winding trail cuts a remarkable route through the landscape. You’ll soon reach considerably steep rocky sections covered in dense woodlands, which will certainly slow your ascent. Once you’ve climbed up the steepest section, the trail eases in incline as you near the summit.

Dan walks towards Ben A'an

Views From the Ben A’an Summit

Before reaching the summit, you’ll reach a marvellous vantage point, which reveals astonishing views across Loch Katrine. You’ll then complete the final section to reach the summit of Ben A’an. From the peak, you’ll enjoy more incredible views of Loch Katrine. Also, in the opposite direction, you’ll enjoy superb views of Loch Achray. Some say you can even catch a glimpse of Loch Venachar; but, we weren’t so sure about that.

Views of Loch Achray from Ben A'an
Views of Loch Achray

Facing opposite Ben A’an is the imposing Ben Venue, which is a mountain we’d actually climb the following day. Having arrived at the summit in the early evening in summer, Beck and I enjoyed the classic views from the summit, with sun rays parading across the sky. Indeed, it was a truly special moment in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park!

Views of Ben Venue from Ben A'an
Views of Ben Venue

How to Get to Ben A’an

The quickest and easiest way to get to the Trossachs to do the walk is to drive there yourself. If you don’t have your own set of wheels, then we recommend hiring a car.

Car Hire

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Where to Park For Ben A’an

To do the walk, you’ll simply park at the Forestry and Land Scotland’s Ben A’an Car Park. It’s a large park, set on the pristine Loch Achray, which is open 24 hours a day. So, there are no problems with arriving early or late for a sunrise or sunset walk, respectively.

When it comes to Ben A’an car park charges, you’re looking at a flat daily rate of £5. Of course, prices are subject to change. So, please let us know in the comments below whether the car park charges have changed.

Ben A’an postcode (car park): FK17 8HY

A sign at the Ben A'an Car Park

Public Transport

There is no public transport going to the Ben A’an Car Park or this wider area of the Trossachs. There was once a bus system, but it was replaced by a Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) system. This service works like a taxi service, but you’ll only be charged the fare of a bus! This service must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. For more information, click here.

Ben A’an Weather

For the latest Ben A’an weather forecast, we recommend checking the forecast for Aberfoyle and Callander. There is no specific Met Office, BBC or Mountain Forecast for the hill itself.


If you want to stay near Ben A’an, we recommend finding accommodation around Loch Achray. Below, we’ll look at the best budget, mid-range and luxurious accommodation options around Loch Achray.

  • Budget – Loch Achray Campsite: the Loch Achray Campsite is one of the nicest campsites in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Keep in mind, you’ll need to make a booking to camp there.
  • Mid-range – Loch Achray Hotel: the most well-known accommodation option in the area is certainly the Loch Achray Hotel.
  • Luxury – Tigh Mor Trossachs: the castle apartment-style accommodation at Tigh Mor Trossachs is truly magical and indeed the most luxurious stay in the area.

Of course, accommodation options are quite limited around Loch Achray. Another option is to stay in the lovely nearby village of Aberfoyle. From Aberfoyle, it’s a 15 minute drive to Ben A’an. Click here to find Aberfoyle accommodation that suits you. Otherwise, Callander is only a 20 minute drive away and has even more accommodation options.

Loch Achray Hotel
Loch Achray Hotel

What to Do Nearby

What next, after doing this walk? If you’re keen on another walk, then you’ll definitely want to hike up Ben Venue. The Ben Venue Car Park is actually only a two minute drive from the Ben A’an Car Park. So, it may make sense to do both walks in a day. That is if you’ve got the legs and energy for it!

Otherwise, it’ll make sense to explore the nearby lochs. Please read our guides about Loch Achray, Loch Katrine and Loch Venachar to find out more.

Loch Achray sign

Other Great Loch Lomond Walks

There are plenty of other amazing walks to do in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Below, we’ll detail the best Loch Lomond walks, all of which, we completed ourselves.

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Views of Loch Lomond from Conic Hill
Views of Loch Lomond from Conic Hill


Below, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about Ben A’an.

Dan walks down ben A'an and towards Loch Achray

How High Is Ben A’an?

It’s 461 metres high.

Is Ben A’an a Munro?

No, as a Munro must be higher than 914 metres (3,000 feet).

Is Ben A’an a Corbett?

No, as a Corbett must be between 760 and 914 metres (2,500 and 3,000 feet) high.

How Long Does It Take to Climb Ben A’an?

The walk can take anywhere between 2–4 hours; although, most people finish it in 2.5–3.5 hours.

How Difficult Is It to Climb Ben A’an?

We’ve scored the Ben A’an difficulty rating as moderate given the steepness of the terrain.

Is Ben A’an Harder Than Conic Hill?

Yes, Ben A’an has a slightly higher accumulated elevation gain and slightly tougher terrain.

Can I Camp on Ben A’an?

There is no campsite at the peak; but, of course, wild camping is possible.

What to Wear and Take

Below, you’ll find some of our gear essentials for this walk.

Osprey Skarab 30
Osprey Skarab 30

The Osprey Skarab 30 is our go-to hiking backpack for day hikes. This well-designed unisex backpack is comfortable and spacious, so you’ll have plenty of space to pack everything without feeling the strain on your upper back.

Osprey Ultralight Raincover
Osprey Ultralight Raincover

A waterproof backpack cover is an absolute must when you’re adventuring outdoors. The Osprey Ultralight Raincover Medium is a high-quality waterproof cover that’ll keep your backpack bone dry.

GRAYL Reusable Water Bottle
GRAYL Reusable Water Bottle

The GRAYL GeoPress is the best water filter bottle that allows you to purify 710mL (12 ounces) of water. This bottle will make water safe to drink wherever you’re hiking.

BUFF Original Ecostretch
BUFF Original Ecostretch

The BUFF Original Ecostretch is a great option when it comes to multifunctional headwear. We use the Ecostretch as a neck gaiter to keep the sun off our necks and it helps us keep warm in cooler climates.

Sony Cybershot RX100 VII
Sony Cybershot RX100 VII

Capture epic photos and videos with the Sony Cybershot RX100 VII. This is hands-down the best compact camera. We love using this simple point-and-shoot camera when we’re hiking as it’s lightweight and durable.

To find out more about all of the gear that we use and recommend, read our guides about our favourite hiking gear, travel gear and camera gear. Otherwise, read our comprehensive travel packing checklist.

Bonus Tips

  • Don’t underestimate this walk: some people see the distance and think this is an easy walk. But, the elevation gain and steepness ensure this isn’t an easy trail.
  • Respect the signs from Forestry and Land Scotland: to assist with land conservation and recovery, please stick to the official trails and follow the signage en route.
  • Route alternative: for a long walk involving this hill, consider the circular route.
  • Explore more of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park: there’s plenty to see! Read What to Do Nearby and Other Great Loch Lomond Walks for more information.

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