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Weekend Trip In Europe

A weekend trip in Europe is better than no trip in Europe. We lived in London for a couple of years. It’s a great base for travelling Europe. Therefore, we went on many weekend getaways throughout the continent. However, these trips can obviously be done from many cities in Europe. Not just London. So these weekend trips in Europe can be applicable to anyone living there. We hope our European weekend adventure itineraries inspire you to follow suit. Also, we endeavor to help you travel smarter. These guides do not just tell what to do. But how to do it. Thorough yet succinct information will assist you to plan your trip.

Our favourite weekend trips in Europe are to the lesser known destinations. In turn, they prove to be the most popular guides. Precise details of travelling to these unique places tend to tickle people’s curiosity. Plus, the guides may help fill the online knowledge gap. For instance, our weekend trip to Lithuania was very well received. We had not come across a Lithuania road trip itinerary for only a weekend. Of course it’s a jam packed weekend. But if you only have a weekend, it’s totally doable. It’s absolutely worth it.

Furthermore, our Liechtenstein Hiking Itinerary is another popular weekend trip in Europe. We love nothing more than hiking. There are plenty of weekend hiking trips to do in Europe. This is just one of those guides. In fact, the trails in Liechtenstein are underrated. Swiss Alps to your right. Swiss Alps to your left. Unbelievable! We hope you enjoy our European weekend guides and itineraries.

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Andorra is definitely a lesser known European destination. It’s a relatively tiny landmass which compares to the likes of Liechtenstein and Luxembourg in Europe. Nevertheless, similar to these other countries, Andorra is packed full of beautiful nature. Given that, Andorra...

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This is the ultimate Liechtenstein hiking itinerary ideal for a long weekend. Nestled in between Switzerland and Austria, the country shares the majestic Alps regions and winding Rhine River. In fact, following this hiking itinerary in Liechtenstein can give you...

Lithuania Travel: An Epic Weekend Road Trip

This road trip itinerary will outline how to travel Lithuania in just a single weekend. It’s an easy weekend trip to do from London or from anywhere in Europe. There is something really refreshing about travelling to the Baltic States...