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Weekend Trip From London

We love a weekend trip from London. The writers of Travel Made Me Do It were actually based in London for a couple of years. Certainly, London is a fantastic base for exploring Europe. Our trips were often hiking based. But also some small country exploration. Whilst also some city sightseeing. But mostly hiking! Therefore, our favourite weekend trips from London were our outdoor trekking adventures. Departing London Friday night after work. Hiking Saturday and Sunday. Arriving back into London late Sunday night or early Monday morning before work. Hike, sleep, repeat.

One of our most popular hiking guides that was a weekend trip from London was our Liechtenstein Hiking Itinerary. Although this trip was for a long weekend! This guide details the specifics for planning a hiking trip to Liechtenstein. Flights, accommodation, car hire, trail descriptions and buying local supplies are all included for this weekend trip to London. Total costs and bonus tips are also present. We hope anyone living in London can use these guides to help plan their hiking trips.

Yes we love hiking. Obviously. But many of the other weekend trips from London were either exploring a city or country. We tend to explore the more unknown places. Therefore, some of other guides prove to be quite popular. That’s because there is limited information online on these places. There is a slowly growing amount of information online about the Baltic States. This includes Lithuania. But was there a specific Lithuania Weekend Road Trip Itinerary? Not that we were aware of. We hope these guides help and inspire the people of London to travel far and wide throughout Europe. Even if just for a weekend!

The Ultimate 2020 Andorra Hiking Weekend Guide

Andorra is definitely a lesser known European destination. It’s a relatively tiny landmass which compares to the likes of Liechtenstein and Luxembourg in Europe. Nevertheless, similar to these other countries, Andorra is packed full of beautiful nature. Given that, Andorra...

The Ultimate 3 Day Liechtenstein Hiking Itinerary

This is the ultimate Liechtenstein hiking itinerary ideal for a long weekend. Nestled in between Switzerland and Austria, the country shares the majestic Alps regions and winding Rhine River. In fact, following this hiking itinerary in Liechtenstein can give you...

Lithuania Travel: An Epic Weekend Road Trip

This road trip itinerary will outline how to travel Lithuania in just a single weekend. It’s an easy weekend trip to do from London or from anywhere in Europe. There is something really refreshing about travelling to the Baltic States...