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Packing for any trip is challenging. At Travel Made Me Do It, we understand that it’s entirely dependent on the type of trip and destination. Therefore, what you take on one trip will differ from the next. Moreover, we have perfected what to pack through trial and error. To help you pack smarter, we have created the Ultimate Packing Checklist. The list is very thorough. It contains all the absolute essentials. Plus, all of the little things that are easily forgotten. A list of essential documents and how to store them ensures you don’t forget or lose them. Furthermore, we include electronics and accessories. Plus you’ll find suggestion for luggage, toiletries and a first aid kit. Additionally, this packing checklist has laundry, winter and camping extras for those relevant trips. 

So now you are sorted! Brilliant. But what if you don’t own these items? For specific recommendations, read 66 Items You Must Travel With. The packing list focuses on the best valued products. We choose these items based on personal experience. Furthermore, we do additional research. This ensures our recommendations are up to date and reliable. There is a large focus on hiking gear. Plus, camping equipment. So if you are new to hiking, please have a look. Alternatively, this guide will suit people looking to replace old gear. So with our checklist, packing has never been so easy! Whilst 66 Items You Must Travel With takes the guess work out of what you exactly need. Happy packing! Happy travels!

The 66 Travel Accessories You Must Travel With

Our 66 travel accessories you must travel with will cover all the travel essentials like the best travel bag, but also all the little things. Through years of trial and error, we know what travel accessories work and don’t work....

A Comprehensive Packing Checklist For Any Trip

Packing Checklist Overview This ultimate packing checklist has evolved over many years of travelling. The list is very thorough and well thought out to include all of the absolute essentials alongside all the little things. So the list should cover...