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Sometimes a group tour is necessary. Although, at Travel Made Me Do It, we do pride ourselves on guides that help you travel independently. Most of our guides will exemplify how to plan and execute travel without a company. However, in some instances a group tour is essential. In this case, joining a tour group may improve your travel experience.

In some cases, you cannot travel to a hard to reach place. Sometimes, you’re not allowed to. It’s actually in these hard to reach places that you will find the most spectacular natural phenomenon. One example would be our trip to the White Desert in Egypt. It’s not possible to go there independently. You must join a 4×4 safari group tour in order to explore the terrain. This is also true for the Uyuni Salt Flats. Although it’s not technically entirely impossible, it’s virtually near impossible to explore the salt flats without a company. It was also much easier and economical to join some day trip group tours in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Furthermore, a group tour may be essential in a country without public transport infrastructure. This was certainly true for Lebanon. Minivans do exist to transport people around the country. However, having a guide was more time efficient. This holds true for those with only a few days to explore a large area. Getting local insight was also a benefit of joining day tours in Lebanon.

At Travel Made Me Do It, we will try to recommend the best tour group companies to go with for specific trips. This is always from personal experience. We will never recommend a guided tour if it’s unnecessary. For instance, we believe hiking the W Trek can be easily completed independently with good preparation.

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