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Atacama Desert includes a cycling guide for certain sites.

At Travel Made Me Do It, it is true that we usually prefer a hiking trip to a cycling trip. But above all, we enjoy being active and exercising among the great outdoors. Sometimes, it’s more time efficient to do a cycling trip of a certain place or site in order to see more! Our legs can only get us to cover so many kilometres! Plus, we don’t wish to have any FOMO. So riding a bike will allow us to pack more into an itinerary. Furthermore, choosing a cycling trip ensures a more active adventure rather than a group tour that may drive you instead. Additionally, freedom and cost are other factors that makes cycling preferable to a tour group, when hiking or walking isn’t favorable for a busy site seeing itinerary.

One of our most popular cycling trip guides is the Ultimate Easter Island Itinerary. For Easter Island specifically, car hire wouldn’t be cheap. Car hire companies don’t offer any insurance there either. But the island is geographically quite small. So we had no other choice! Yes, you do have to be reasonably fit to do this cycling trip. It is hard work. But we can guarantee it’s absolutely worth it. It’s hard to describe the joy we felt when after an hour or so of cycling, we first laid eyes on the incredible Ahu Tongariki. Magical stuff!

We have also enjoyed cycling trips in other unique places. In the Atacama Desert in Chile, we chose cycling for the Moon Valley and Death Valley. These experiences were some of our best in South America!

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