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Work With Us

About Travel Made Me Do It

Travel Made Me Do It is a website producing step by step guides to help our readers plan their hiking adventures. We provide precise information about a destination and its best hikes, with a focus on speed hiking. Our guides are designed to be practical and helpful, along with top quality, inspirational photography.

We recommend the smartest options for transport, accommodation and equipment related to these multi and single day hikes.

The guides are based on thorough research, years of personal travel experience around the globe and basic practical advice, ensuring our clients can confidently book their next hiking adventure.

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The Creators

We are Dan and Beck; an Australian/British couple, collectively known as the ‘Speed Hiking Couple’. Hiking in Norway is actually where we met! After combining years of travel-know-how, hiking and outdoor adventure, we created Travel Made Me Do It.

Between us, we have travelled extensively throughout South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia – with hiking and speed hiking being an obvious focus.

About Dan

With a BSc/ Master of Physiotherapy qualification, Dan has a broad knowledge and deep appreciation for exercise. He has worked as a musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapist in various roles within Australia and the UK for 7+ years. His passion for sport, the outdoors and in particular, hiking continues to flourish as co-founder of Travel Made Me Do It. By planning hiking based trips, he continues to help and support fellow hikers.

About Beck

A true creative at heart, Beck holds a BA (hons) in Textile Design. She has worked as a Visual Merchandiser & Window Stylist for the past 11+ years. The job has seen her travel extensively throughout the whole of the UK & Ireland.

Her artistic flair and eye for design now transcends through photography and bringing her love of hiking and travel to life in a creative and inspirational way.

Our Audience

Travel Made Me Do It is an emerging brand within the hiking and travel field. Classed as micro influencers, we pride ourselves on our excellent client/ fan engagement and building trusting relationships within the hiking community- namely through Facebook groups with a combined 50k + followers.

As emerging content creators we have seen a steady organic growth of interaction across all our social platforms with 2k + followers. Our target demographic are 18-45 year old American, Australian and British nationals, with a niche market set out for speed hiking.

Why Work With Us

Travel Made Me Do It produces authentic, client led guides for hiking based trips. The quality content is in-depth and only ever based on the trips we have taken with first hand experiences. We write about what we know, thus giving our audience a trustworthy, honest and accurate account of what to expect.

Our personal yet informative story telling approach has proven to be highly successful with our audience engagement, actively encouraging many to follow suit. Our photography has been inspirational, with other websites using our images for their own publications.

The Travel Made Me Do It website strives for SEO excellence, putting particular emphasis into keyword analysis, writing long and informative rich articles and including links to many other useful accounts and articles. All designed to aid our clients experience.

What We Offer

Brand Partnership

A longer term brand partnership would result in ongoing blog post and social media coverage as well as the licensing of photographs throughout the duration of the relationship.

Destination Marketing

Through blog posts, social media, videography and photography, these campaigns are a fantastic way to increase client awareness of a particular destination. As our guides encompass how to book an entire trip, we are able to offer marketing on a whole host of areas including transport, accommodation, daily itineraries and kit/gear specifically needed.

Photography & Guest Blogging

Travel Made Me Do It can offer professional photography to enhance your own content & campaigns. We are also able to offer guest blogging within your site or publication. See some examples of our photography here.

Squeaky Beach close to Wilsons Prom accommodation

Contact Us

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